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US Supreme court case that delclared the Second Bank of the US was sonstitutional because it was a federal institution.
McCulloch vs. Maryland
Political party formed by opponents of Andrew Jackson who supported a strong legislature.
Whig Party
A financial crisis in the US that led to an ecnomic depression.
Panic of 1837
Congressional Act that Authorized the removal of Indians from east of the Mississippi River to Indian Terriotory.
Indian Removal Act
Area covering most of present day Oklahoma to which most Indians in Southeast were forced to move in the 1830's.
Indian Territory
Government agency created in the 1800's to oversee federal policy toward American Indians.
Bureau of Indian Affairs
1830 Agreement in which the Choctow gave up more than 10 million acres of land in Misssissippi and accepted removal to Indian Territory?
Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek
1832 Supreme Court Ruling that the Cherokee Nation was a distinct territory over which only the federal ogvernment had authority; ignored by President Jackson and the state of Georgia.
Worcester v. Georgia
An 800 mile forced march the Cherokee made from theri omeland in Georgia to Indian Territory; reulsted in the deaths of almost on quarter of the tribe.
Trail of Tears
Group of American artists in the mid 1800's who painted beautiful pictures of the American landscape.
Hudson River School
Early American writer who wrote Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow?
Washington Irving
Early American writer who wrote about frontier life. Wrote The Last of the Mohicans.
James Fenimore Cooper
Early American woman writer who wrote realistic stories about New England life?
Catherine Maria Sedgwick
Controversial winner of the election of 1824 in which Jackson lost?
John Quincy Adams
Speaker of the House from Kentucky who supported the "American System".
Henry Clay