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the result of opposing thoughts, ideas, feelings, perceptions, behvaiors, values, opinions, or actions between individuals
what can conflict result in
constructive and destructive consequences
what is conflict an inevitiable part of (3)
-professional, social, and personal life
within one individual
intrapersonal conflict
between two or more individuals
interpersonal conflict
within one group
intragroup conflict
between two or more groups
intergroup conflict
a victory for one side and a loss for the other side
competitve conflict
both parties are out to reduce, defeat, or eliminate
disruptive conflict
what can conflict do (6)
-provide heightened sensitivity to an issue
- stimulate group activity
- may help the group become aware of tradeoffs
- help the group recognize the differences b/t both options and benefits of each
- help the group come together and work as a team
- could improve motivation and satisfaction
what are the destructive consequences of conflict (5)
- cause scapegoating
- anger in the group
- competition
- disruption in group function
- result in unacceptable behavior (retaliation, projection, rationalization, attention-seekers, escape tactics)
who has the responsibility to facilitate an environment that promotes constructive consequences of conflict
what are the basic rules a manager should follow when mediating a conflict (11)
- protect each party's self respect
- do not put blame or responsibility for the problem on the participants
- allow open and complete discussion of the problem
- maintain equity in the frequency and duration of each participants speech
-encourage full expression of + and - feelings
- make sure both actively listen
- identify key themes in discussion
- encourage the parties to provide freq feedback
- help develop aternate solutions
- follow up on progress of plan
- give + feedback to parties
occurs with the person
intrapersonal conflict
what may intrapersonal conflict involve
internal struggle r/t contradictory values or wants
ex of intrapersonal conflict
the nurse wants to move up the career ladder but wants tostart a family
occurs between 2 or more ppl with difffering values, goals, and/or beliefs
interpersonal conflict
what does interpersonal conflict contribute to
burnout and work related stress
a new grad is given a heavier assignment than those of other nurses, amd when he asks for help, it is denied
interpersonal conflict
occurs b/t 2 or more groups of individuals, depts, or organizations
inter-group conflict
there is confusion as to whether it is the responsibility of the nsg unit or dietary dept to pass meal trays
inter-group conflict
both parties know there is a conflict, but they refuse to face it or work towards a resolution (usually lose-lose)
1party attempts to "smooth" another party by trying to satisfy the other party. (may leave conflict unresolved) lose-lose situation
1 party pursues a desired solution at the expense of others (win-lose)
1 party gives up something allowing the other party to get what it wants (usually a lose-win situation)
each party gives up something(can be a win-win if both parties give up something equally important)
compromising/ negotiating
charlotte would like to maintain her 4.0 GPA, but in so so her free-time is no longer there if all her focus is on school
charlotte is assigned to a group for a presentation/project but sheis the only one doing the work. WHen she tried to contact the others for help they are too busy
charlotte is getting ready to start her capstone rotation and has yet to recieve the name of her preceptor, so there is condusion as to whether it is her responsibility to contact the facility for a name or the professors