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What is the Edict of Nantes?
April 13, 1598 = it was issued! Henry the fourth's famous Edict of Nantes proclaimed that Protestants shall be given more freedom/rights.
What were some causes of the Thirty Years' War?
Fragmented Germany = German princes oppose all efforts to consolidate the Holy Roman Empire because that would take away from their power.
Princes, Power, HRE, Calvinism, **Defenestration of Prague**
What kind of struggles were there in France, Spain, and England?
1. France - Internal because the Huguenots were not treated well due to teh Edict of Chateaubriand in 1551.
2. Spain - External because of teh wars with Turks (ottoman empire) and Netherlands Plus, due to teh Inquisition tehre are no longer religion troubles
3. England - Both internal and external because of Inquisition, because of Babington plot, and they fought with Spain.
In what year was the Armada sent?
Why was the Spanish Armada sent to England?
1. Spanish is Catholic and England is Protestant.
2. England has assisted Protestants in Netherlands.
3. English pirates were attacking Spanish ships.
4. Execution of Catholic, Mary Queen of Scotts = plotted against Elizabeth I and Mary was executed for treason
(5. Elizabeth rejected Philip's hand in marriage.)
When did Mary I rule?
Why was she called "Bloody Mary?" Is she a politique?
1553-1558, in 1504 = she married Philip II of Spain. She was called this because of the Inquisition, she killed many people during these five years. (more than her sister!!) She is not a politique because of the Inquisition and she had Anti-protestant legislation that Elizabeth I later appealed with the Act of Supremacy in 1559. She killed teh three greatest Protestants Hooper, Latimer, and Cranmer.
When did Elizabeth rule?
Is she a politique? Why or why not?
1558-1603, she is a politique.This is because she issued the Thirty Nine Articles (made Protestant official religion of the church of England), and Sct of Supremacy in which she reapealed Mary I's anti-protestant legislation and became "supreme governor" or ruler over spritual affair, etc.
When was the Thirty Years' War?
Who said, "Paris is worth a mass?" What does this mean? Was the person that said this a politique?
Henry of Navarre or Henry IV said this. It means that he is willing to convert from Huguenot to Catholism because he would then be a more accepted leader. mass=church service, Paris=represents where king is, the capital of France. He is a politique because he wants to do what is best for the country and he is indifferent to religion.
What is a politique?
A ruler of person in a position of power that puts political unity and well-being of his state before anythign else.
What is the balance of power theory?
This is when one country does NOT dominate. = this is why France joined protestants in 30 yr war, even though they were Catholics.
Why was the Spanish Armada defeated?
1. English ships were quicker-more manuverable
2. English captaions were more familiar with tides, currents=had home sea advantage!!
3. Armada had multi-national crew=spoke different languages, etc.
4. bad weather, blew Armada apart.