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Industrial Revolution
in the early 1800's the country was moving towards factories and machinary to do a lot of the work.
spinning jenny
a machine that could spin several threads at once.
a person who invests money in a business in order to make a prophit.
factory system
a system that brought workers and machinery together in one place.
Samuel slater and Moses Brown
set up the first successful textile mill in the United States that was powered by water
Eli Whitney
came up with the system of interchangeable parts made by machine not by hand.
Lowell Girls
young farm girls who went to work in factories in Lowell, Massachusetts
the movement of the population from farms to cities
Lancaster Turnpike
this toll road linked Philadelphia and Lancaster Pennsylvania
Nation Road
a road funded by the states that ran from Maryland down to Virginia
John Fitch
opened a ferry service on the Delaware River using a steam boat
Erie Canal
Canal linking the Great Lakes that would allow trade from the west to New York
boats used to travel down the shallow Ohio River
a toll road; travelers needed to pay a certain sum of money to use this road
corduroy road
roads made of logs; very noisy and bumpy