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What is interstate commerce?
Business transactions that involve companies in more than one state.
What is intrastate commerce?
Business transactions that involve companies in one state only.
What is a contract?
An agreement to exchage goods or services for something of value, usually money.
What is a patent?
A patent gives the inventor the exclusive right to make, use, or sell an item for 17 years.
What is a copyright?
A copyright protects the creative work of authors, composers, and artists.
What is a trademark?
A word, letter, or symbol associated with a specific company or product. Ex. logo.
What is a public utility?
An organization that supplies a wervice or product vital to all people. Ex. electricity.
What is a monopoly?
It exists when a business has control of the market for a product or service. Ex. all food stores in the city owned by one company.
What are antitrust laws?
A government action designed to promote competition and fairness and to prevent monopolies.
What is a revenue?
Government income.
What are income taxes?
Taxes levied on the income of individuals.
What are property taxes?
Taxes based on the value of the land and the buildings attached to the land.