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Name 5 types of nail
1. Casing/finishing
2. Tacks
3. Escutcheon pins
4. Wire brads
5. Staples
What is the Penny system?
Is used to describe the size of a nail in terms of length from head to point. Lengths range from 2d which is 1" long to 60 d which is 6" long
What are two nailing techniques?
1. Straight nailing
2. Toenailing
Name the 5 types of screws
1. Flat head
2. Pan head
3. Truss head
4. Round head
5. Oval head
Name three types of screws
1. Wood
2. Sheet metal
3. Self drilling
What is criteria for determinng screw size?
Length and shank size
Describe sequence for drilling pilot holes
a. Drill the shank hole equal to the diameter to the screw shank
b. Drill pilot hole - for softwoods its diameter should be 10% less than the root and for softwoods 30% less
Describe tools and technique for countersinking
1. Drill shank hole
2. Drill pilot hole
3. Conutersink
4. Install screw
What are two methods of hole covering?
1. Crack filler
2. Wood plug
What are 5 types of hollow wall fastners?
1. Toggle bolts
2. Molly bolts
3. Rawl plug
4. Lead expansion screw anchor
5. Plastic plug
What are three types of miter joint fastners?
1. Chevron
2. Splines/clamp nails
3. Corrugated fasteners
What are two other types of furniture fasteners?
1. Tee nuts
2. Hanger screws
What are 4 types of repair plates?
1. Mending plate
2. Flat corner plate
3. Bent corner plate
4. T plate