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most missionaries who took off for the new lands saw themselves as following in the steps of the Apostles, risking their life and security to bring souls to Christ.
Hernando Cortes’ small group of soldiers.
Portugal and Spain were the two greatest exploring nations
Portugal and Spain were the two greatest exploring nations
Control vs. convert
The church became an agent of the state, focusing more on controlling the native peoples than on spreading the Gospel.
Sophisticated native civilizations
The Mayas of Mexico and Guatemala; the Aztecs of Mexico and the Incas of Peru.
Explorers and gold
Cortes’ and his troops were supposed to banter gold, but instead, Cortes’ decided to take the gold and Mexico with it.
Reduced native populations
By the end of the 1500’s after only 100 years of contact, the indigenous peoples, or native populations, of Mexico and Central America were reduced 10% of what they had been before Columbus arrived
Ordinations of natives
Indians were not ordained as priests for almost 300 years, because the king of Spain forbade it.
Native clergy and colonial rule
The friars were frequently the Indians main defenders.
Guadalupe and native value
Virgin of Guadalupe
De las Casas and injustice
De las Casas defended Indians of injustice.
Expelled Jesuits
Greedy colonizers expelled them out of South America.
Hindu openness
Robert de Nobili adopted dress of Hindu Brahman
200 years of Japanese Christians
Xavier had helped spread Christianity in Japan.
first missionaries in China
Matteo Ricci
Hernando Cortes
destroyed Mayan civilization
Francisco Pizarro
destroyed Aztec civilization
Juan Diego
saw the Virgin Mary on a hill and a church was built there
David Livingstone
Scottish Protestant missionary, who charted corses into the continent in the mid 1800’s.
Bartholome de Las Casas
Friar who was a defender to the Indians.
Alexander de Rhodes
French Jesuit who worked in Southeast Asia where Buddhism was predominant.
Robert de Nobili
Jesuit in India who adopted the culture of India.
Francis Xavier
Spanish Jesuit who was a driving force for the spreading of the Gospel in India.
Matteo Ricci
Italian Jesuit who was actually able to gain entry into China.