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electoral college
people selected in each state who gather to formally cast their ballots for the president and vice president of the united states
a member of the electoral college
electoral vote
the vote cast for president and vice president by members of the electoral college
presidential succession
the specified procedure by which a vacancy in the presidency is filled
the group of persons, heading 14 executive department, appointed by the president to act as official advisers and help establish policy
the people and organizations that make up the executive branch of a government
legislative veto
the powers of congress to void and action of the executive branch
war powers act
the law passed in 1973 that restricts the president's use of U.S. combat troops abroad and authorizes congress to order troops home.
a formal agreement between two or more sovereign nation-states
executive agreement
a presidential agreement, not requiring the senate's approval, with another head of state.
executive order
a presidential directive to an agency that defines new policies or carries out existing laws
the postponement or setting aside of punishment
the exemption of a convicted person from the penalties of a crime or offense.
the government's general pardon given to people who have broken the law
line-item veto
an executive's power to reject part of a bill while approving the rest.
executive privilege
the president's right to withhold information from or refuse to testify before Congress or the courts
a president's refusal to spend money that congress has appropriated
made up of members of both political parties
sound bite
a short statement used on a radio or television news broadcast