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Which of these forms new rock on the earth's surface?
A) a waterfall flowing
B) a wave crashing on a beach
C) a volcano erupting
D) a glacier moving in a valley
C) a volcano erupting
Which trait of the earth's surface always stays about the same?
A) the amount of rock
B) the size of mountains
C) the number of glaciers
D) the location of streams
A) the amount of rock
Which sentence is true?

A)Earthquakes are caused by moving glaciers
B)Forces in the earth's crust can change the earth's surface
C) The earth's crust is made of melted rock
D)The earth's crust lies under the mantle but above the core
B) Forces in the earth's crust can change the earth's surface
Any process that breaks apart rocks is a type of ________________
Which of these is affected most by climate?
A)how many elements there are in rocks
B)how often volcanoes erupt
C)how many earthquakes an area has
D)how fast rock breaks down
D)how fast rock breaks down
What happens during chemical weathering that does not happen during physical weathering?
new substances form in rocks
Water can break rocks because as water freezes it _____________
Weathering of rocks is the first step in the formation of ______________
Which layer of a soil profile has been weathered the most?
The bottom layer of soil profile is made mostly of _______________
unweathered rock
Which material in soil provides many of the minerals that plants need in order to grow?
Which of these causes the most erosion all over the world?
A) ice
B) moving water
C) wind
D) acid rain
B) moving water
What is formed from deposits of sand left by wind?
Which of these places is closest to the boundary of two plates in the earth's crust?
A) Cascade Mountains
B) Great Plains
C) Great Lakes
D) Gulf of Mexico
A) Cascade Mountains
Painting an iron fence will help prevent rust by protecting the iron from weathering caused by _____________
In which of these places will soil form most slowly?
A) hot, wet jungle
B) hot, dry desert
C) cool, moist forest
D) warm, moist prairie
B) hot, dry desert
Scientists know that glaciers once covered Canada and the northern part of the United States. What feature of this area is a result of the glaciers?
many lakes and streams
A flowing stream deposits sediment as it enters a valley. This occurs because as the stream enters the valley it loses ____________
A variable is anything that ____________