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viral encephalitis
viral infection that targets the brain and central nervous system
transmitted thru misquitoes and ticks (West Nile)
transmitted thru food and drink
human brain
3 lbs, 2% of body weight, 20% of body's energy
conduct electrical signals away from the cell body..release neurotransmitters
conduct electrical signsl toward cell body...signal receiver
synaptic cleft
physical separation betw. neuromuscular junctions (where neurotransmitters go after axon)
cannot survive without (2)
oxygen and glucose
processing center in the brain for short-term memory
constant stream of electrical signals
electroencephalogram (EEG)
brain imaging techniques (2)
CAT scan, MRI
human brain evolution
-mate attraction-> sexual selection
-language-> intelligence, wit, eloquence
Moon Jelly
invented muscle for movement and nerve cells to coordinate movement,
little brain, conquered both aquatice and terrestrial environ., most efficient animal parasite
Mud Wasp
female digs hole and connects to surface with tunnel, creates bell w/ smooth interior to prevent predators
Honey Bee
perform many duties, small brain, last 2 weeks of life-> change into foragers, uses sun as tool, add an additional 160,000 neurons
large brain compared to size, complex social interactions. large groups, work together to care for young and get food
Rehus Macaque
social animal, hierarchical system-> saftey and companionship. male alliance
social animal, 150 in group, grooming-> alliances. sophisticated social/political skills like humans. rage war against neighboring groups