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Who formed councils that advised the rulers of Kivan russia?
Nobles called boyars
What is the russian word for Caesar?
Byzantine scholars organized Roman law under what emperor?
Who controlled territory south of Kiev and weakened Kievan Russia by interfering with its trade?
Turkis people called the Polvtsy
Who was a leader of a people called the Rus?
Who earned the nickname Ivan the Terrible for his terrible actions?
Ivan IV
What were the town meetings called that gave the people of Kievan Russia a voice in their government?
What helped to start Christianity in Kievan Russia?
The religious conversion of ruler Vladimir I
When did the city of Moscow become the center of the Russian Orthodox Church?
late 1500's
What was Russia's first code of laws known as?
Pravada Russkia
The Eastern Orthodox Church and the roman Catholic Church emerged from the split of what?
the Christian Church
Who controlled the government in Kievan Russia?
What empire was saved around A.D. 1100 by an army of western Europeans that reclaimed Western Asia Minor from the Turks?
Byzantine Empire
What was an important reason for the decline of the Byzantien Empire?
wars and attacks by outsiders
What rulers helped Moscow expand its power and territory in Russia?
Great Prince Ivan I and
Ivan the Great
Who controlled Russia until the late 1400s and allowed self-government, but levied heavy taxes?
What is the pratie of removing people from church membership whose opinions conflict with its leaders or beliefs?
Who is best known for its religious art and architectre?
Byzantine culture
Who weakened the Byzantien Empire by capturing much of Asia Minor?
Seljuq Turks
What was the controversy about the use of religious icons in Christian worship?
Iconoclastic Controversy
Name the two agricultural regions in Russia.
Steppe and the Taiga