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What is temporal integration?
longer sound perceived as louder
What is frequency measured in?
What is pitched measured in?
What is critical bandwidth?
performance levels off after decreasing for a period of time
How is sound localization done?
Interaural Time difference
Interaul Intensity Difference
What is the cone of confusion?
same sound creates same temporal response (same ITD and same ILD)
How is auditory distance perceived?
-relative intensity (relative size)
-auditory analog (motion parralax)
-spectral composition
-high frequency absorbed
What is a fundamental?
lowest frequency component of a complex sound
What is timbre?
varying tones from different sources
What is auditory scene analysis/source segregation?
hear more than one sound and be able to distinguish what sounds came from what source
What is spatial segregation?
common fate
tell if one object is moving and another is stationary
What is onset?
sounds that start together are probably from same source
What is restoration?
being able to tell a sound before and after an interruption comes from single source