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A social science theory focusing on the inborn nature of social traits
The physical and biological differences between men and women
Cultural attributes of masculinity and feminity based on biological distinctions
The term suggesting that a person's sex of either male or female is determined at birth
Ascribed Gender Status
The term suggesting that gender is learned throughthe sociolization process
Achieve gender status
The way women think about family and career responsibilities as a balancing act
Contingent temporal world
The individauls sense of maleness or femaleness
Gender identity
The belief that men are superior to women and should control all important aspects of society
Ancient law in India stating that if a wife had no children after eight years of marriage she would be banished
Manu code
The founder of sociology, he believed that women should not be allowed to work outside the home, to own property, or to exercise political power
Auguste Comte
A pioneereing anthropologists who found that gender roles were not innate properties and could vary widely among societies
Margaret Mead
Collected the data on the sexual dvisions of labor in more than 200 preliterate societies
George Murdock
Applied the functionalist theory to the modern family
Talcott Parsons and Robert Bales
A prominent conflict theorist who linked gender inequalities to capitalism
Friedich Engels
Pointed out that boys and girls are pressured to resolve their adolescent identity crisis in very different ways in our culture
Erik Erikson
Challenged the value judgements made by traditional theorists about males and female styles of reasoning, especially in the area of moral decision making
Carol Gilligan
Writers popularizing the work of ethology and generalizing from the behavior of nonhuman primates to that of humans
Desmond Morris, Robin Fox, and Lionel Tiger
Conducted research on the conversational style and content differences among females and males
Deborah Tannen