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A ________ includes a group of people living in the same geographic area under common law and fellowship.
The community is a ________ in which socialization and development take place.
The function of ________ focuses on the way that the community provides its members with the means to make a living.
The community provides its members with the opportunity for ________ by instilling its norms and values in its members.
A local community may have a senior center, several churches and grocery stores available to its members. This fulfills the need of:
social participation.
Through ________, a community enables its members to cooperate and accomplish tasks too large or too urgent to be handled by one person.
mutal support
All of the following are ways in which the physical components of a community may affect how people behave EXCEPT:

a. noise.

b. average income.

c. play settings.

d. population density.

e. types of houses.
average income.
In what way might population density influence the development of learned helplessness?

a. None of these choices.

b. Loss of motivation when faced with multiple losses.

c. Perception of control over the environment (i.e. natural disasters hit high-density communities harder than low-density).

d. Increased sense of vulnerability over the environment.

e. All of these choices.
e. all of these choices
A ________ neighborhood includes people from similar backgrounds, while a ________ neighborhood includes people from different backgrounds.
homogenous, heterogeneous
The costs of housing, education and health care are examples of the ways in which ________ factors of the community influence its members.
Neighborhood settings affect the socialization of children in all of the following ways EXCEPT:

a. mobility.

b. exposure to adults.

c. quality of schools.

d. friendship patterns.

e. types of play.
c. quality of schools
In what way might social control be different in a small town when compared to a larger city?
Residents in small towns know that misconduct might become a matter of community concern.
________ are the community's ethical convictions about right and wrong that are passed on from one generation to another.
Characteristically, ________ relationships are independent and contractual.
________ agencies have been voluntarily organized to meet community's particular problems of caring for orphans, neglected children, unwed mothers, the indigent and the disabled.
Which of the following agencies is funded by donations, membership dues and corporate contributions to serve children and families?

a. Supportive

b. Public

c. Private

d. Preventative

e. Rehabilitative
Stephanie's parents attend weekly parenting sessions at the local YWCA and utilize the local health care center for routine immunizations for their children. This is an example of which type of community services?

a. Supportive

b. Private

c. Public

d. Rehabilitative

e. Preventative
e, preventative
Child welfare services might include all of the following EXCEPT:

a. economic aid to the family and child.

b. job training for parents.

c. foster care.

d. institutional care.

e. protection of children through access to public or private services.
job training for parents
Sixteen-year-old Doug has been arrested three times for car theft and has been found in possession of drug paraphernalia. Which type of service might best meet his needs?

a. Mental health

b. Corrections

c. Rehabilitative

d. Corrections and mental health

e. Foster care
d. corrections and mental health
The ________ was created to ensure income security for families, improve the health of children, strengthen families and create a moral climate for children.
national commissions on Children
31 Homeless children may exhibit the following behaviors EXCEPT:

a. aggressiveness.

b. anxiety.

c. desire to please adults.

d. short attention spans.

e. depression.
d. short attention spans
________ is(are) the result of many simultaneous trends: shrinking incomes, rising housing costs, decreased supply of low cost housing, declines in government housing assistance, and deinstitutionalization of those with mental disorders.
The goal of treating the abusive family is ________ , which is aimed at improving the relationship between parents and children in order to prevent further abuse.
The Children's Defense Fund is an example of a/n ________ group for families and children.