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What is risk management?
Understanding and recognizing potential hazards during chapter events and in the chapter facilities and actively working to reduce the chances of an accident.
What action can you take to help protect your chapter from fire?
Designated smoking areas, posting fire evacuation routes, fire drills, securing the property each night, performing monthly inspections, not allowing fire doors to be propped open or blocked, assigning regular housekeeping duties.
What precautions should a chapter take before a party involving alcohol?
Fill out event planning form and submit to the director of risk management at GHQ. Form contains sections on: event location, service of alcoholic beverages, drunk driving prevention, security and transportation exposures, crisis management plans, and contractual exposures set up to reduce liability by using hired third parties.
What is the definition of life safety?
Life safety means working with your chapter brothers to ensure your living facility is as safe as possible, especially with regards to fire codes.
What are the policies regarding hazing?
It is forbidden.
Approximately what fraction of chapter have had a liability claim?
1 in 2.
What insurance coverages are afforded to you and when are they in effect?
The General Fraternity has liability insurance which covers all undergraduate chapters, the undergraduate members, and alumni officers while conducting Fraternity business. Coverage could be voided if the chapter violates risk management policies or the law.
Why did the General Council institute the alcohol-free housing policy?
To combat the alcohol-dominated culture and assist chapters in returning to the basic principles of fraternity life.
When were the risk management policies created?
How does alcohol play a part in risk management?
More than 2/3 of accidents on or near a chapter facility are alcohol-related, 8 in 10 acts of campus violence and 9 in 10 acts of sexual assault are related to alcohol.
Why has risk management become such a big issue in Greek organizations?
Concern has arisen from the number of civil suits filed against Greek organizations as a result of accidents at fraternity functions and on fraternity property, possibly linked with increased alcohol consumption, hazing, and housing safety concerns.
Robert Morrison
Robert Thompson Drake
John McMillan Wilson
John Wolfe Lindley
Ardivan Walker Rodgers
Andrew Watts Rogers
Three Cardinal Principles?
Sound Learning
Greek Alphabet?
Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu, xi, omicron, pi, rho, sigma, tau, upsilon, phi, chi, psi, omega