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political party
a group of individuals outside of government that organizes to win elections, to operate the government, and to determine public policy
the party that is made up of the nation's voters, and the party in the electorate consists fo all those eligible voters who describe themselves as Democrats or Republicans
Two-Party System
the pary system in the U.S.; a system when two major parties dominate national politics
Minor Parties/Third Parties
smaller parties
One-Party System
the party system in which a single party monopolizes the organization of governmental power and the positions of authority
Muliparty System
the party system in which more than two political parties compete for power and electoral offices
a general agreement
single-member district system
the system in which the candidate who gets the most votes obtains a plurality and wins the election
the largest number (of votes)
run-off election
occurs when no one person receives more than 50% of the votes
a party's endorsement for a candidate
a preliminary election to choose a party's final candidate
the distribution of a party's campaign literature and ask people to vote for their candidates
minority party
the party with fewer members in the legislature
majority party
the party with the most members in the legislature
inviduals and groups with a variety of interests and opinions that are drawn together;

i.e. political parties
party identifiers
people who think of themselves as party members but do not actively participate in party efforts
mutual agreement with the views of friends, love ones, and other like-minded people
those people who do not classify themselves with any particular party
party platform
a declaration of the party's beliefs and postitions on major issues
the party's official positions on specific issues
realigning election
shows a long-lasting shift in fundamental party loyalties among a large portion of voters, so that what was the weaker party emerges as the dominant party
a comprehensive set of beliefs about human nature and govt. institutions
minimum wage
the lowest legal wage
old-age pensions
retirement plans that give people income after they stop working
the practice of rewarding faithful party members with jobs or contracts
a political division or district within a city designated for electing members of a city council
the basic unit of party organization and of election polling
national convention
a convention that is held every 4 years during the summer before the presidential election; they are often described as the party's national voice
national party committee
a committeee of delegates elected by their state to direct party business during the four years between national conventions
party ticket
the party's presidential and vice presidential candidates
national party chairperson
a person selected by a party's national committee to serve as head of the national party committee