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the biblical event following the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus at which Holy Spirit was poured out on his disciples; birth of church
Gifts of the Holy Spirit-
special graces given to us by the Holy Spirit to help us respond to God’s call to holiness:
Fruits of the Holy Spirit-
the characteristics and qualities of those who allow themselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit:
the name given the official teaching authority of the Church, whose task is to interpret and preserve the truths of the Church revealed in both Scriptures and Tradition:
People of God-
the biblical image for the Church
Body of God-
a term which when capitalized designates Jesus’ body in the Eucharist, or the entire Church:
a special gift or grace of the Holy Spirit given to an individual Christian or a community, commonly for the benefit and building up of the entire Church:
Marks of the Church-
the 4 characteristics of the true Church of Jesus Christ; one, holy, catholic (universal) and apostolic.
the official proclamation by the Pope that a deceased member of the Church is to be recognized as a saint and may serve as a model of the Christian ideal for all believers:
Apostolic succession-
the uninterrupted passing on of authority from the apostles to the bishops
religious practices and beliefs, perspectives, and philosophies of the Jewish people
a letter written by the Pope and sent to the whole Church; focused on teachings regarding an important matter
the gift of the Spirit to the whole Church by which the leaders of the Church
an official teaching of the Church based on the Revelation of God by and through Christ
teachings that are recognized as central to Church teaching, defined by the Magisterium, and accorded the fullest weight and authority
founded by prophet Muhammad
line of authority in the Church
successor of Saint Peter and Bishop of Rome
one who has received the fullness of sacrament of Holy Orders
the 3rd degree or level of sacrament of Holy orders
movement to restore unity among the Christian Churches and, ultimately, of all humans throughout the whole world
all members of the Church with the exception of those who are ordained
Consecrated life-
a state of life recognized by the official Church in which a person publicly professes vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience
Diocesan priests-
a man ordained by the bishop for service to the local Church in parish ministry or another diocesan apostolate:
Religious Priests-
priests who are ordained within religious community for service to the community and ministries
congregation order
Religious life-
a permanent state of life
Religious vows-
promises made by a person who becomes a full member of a religious community
congregation order
College of bishops-
the assembly of bishops headed by the Pope holds teaching authority and respnsibility in the Church
a person who voluntarily suffers because of her or his beliefs
Final Judgment-
judgment of the human race by Jesus Christ at his 2nd coming
2nd coming of Christ, when his kingdom will be fully established
traditionally the dwelling place of God and the saints, meaning all who are saved
state of permanent separation from God reserved for those who freely and consciously choose reject God to the very end of their life
a state of final purification or cleansing which one may need to enter following death and before entry into heaven
Communion of Saints-
spiritual union of all those who believe in Christ and have been redeemed
Apostolic Fathers-
group of Greek Christians authors in the late 1st and early 2nd centuries