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According to the glucostic theory, the level of what in the blood is in control of regulation of hunger?
What are some environmental factors in regulation of hunger?
cue for hunger, smell, learned preferences, habits
What is more threatening to men sexual or emotional infidelity?
What is more threatening to women sexual or emotional infidelity?
is the achievement aspect or trait of ones personality fairly stable?
what part of physiological area is arousal noted when talking about emotion?
autonomic system
what's Shatner's 2 factor theory?
autonomical arousal and cognitive interpretation
What part of personality mediates between instinctual demands and world of reality?
According to Freud, a person gets stuck in conflict at a particular stage. this is called...
A stride to adopt and master life's challenges is who's theory?
How would Maslow describe someone who is self actualized?
living to your potential, spontaneous, comfy being alone, mystical, limited but strong friendships
According to the Big 5 and evolutionary theory, to cooperate and colaborate with others ties into which Big 5 trait?
what type of testing has ambiguous stimuli such as a picture or ink block?
who is responsible for theory of reinforcement and observational learning/modeling?
What is different between biological need and social motive need?
B: central for survival (hunger, thirst, sex) limited
S: unlimited, require through socialization
What causes diabetes? What is diabetic not doing with glucose?
not taking the right amount of glucose from the blood- so diabetic feels hungry
in men or women is stress induced eating more common?
which of the following theories about homosexuality has seen the most emperical support?
someone who has achievement motivation will pick a task that is...
moderately difficult
James Lang theory, how does it explain emotion?
conscious experience of emotion results from one's perception of autonomic arousal
differences in personality is referred to as what in personality?
which part of personality is primary processing personality and which is secondary?
primary: Id
secondary: Ego
Jung called this area of memory that has traces of our ancestoral past what?
collective unconscious
what theorist collection responses that are tied to?
What is a contribution of the humanistic theory?
that subjective views are more important than objective reality
Jung- idea of self concept healty individuals
Asians identify themselves in terms of what?
the group they belong to
what defense mechanism?constantly interrupting people, but you say they are interrupting you...
what causes incongruence in self concept according to Roger's?
condition affectional
Lesbian in the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalmus?
over eat
how does leptin affect hunger?
as leptin increases, hunger decreases
what is parental investment?
refers to what each sex invests- in terms of time, energy, survival, risks, and forgone opportunities to produce nurture offspring
how do we describe someone who has high achievement motivation?
they need to master difficult challenges, to outperform others, to meet high standards of excellence
what are three components of emotion?
cognitive, behavioral, physiological
why did Cannon criticize James Lang?
1) can have physiological arousal with out emotion
2) many occur in same patterns
3) sometimes too slow
what theory talks about childhood experiences, sexual urges?
Freud's psychoanalytical theory
a person who has an underlying hate for their mother but lavishes her with gifts, is what type of defense mechanism?
reaction formation
emotionally charged images and thought forms that have universal meanings?
a belief that ones abitlity to perform behaviors that should lead to expected outcomes?
self efficacy
does shared family environment have a small or large impact on personality?
what inventory would you use in psychological testing to test for pathology?
what personality trait did Jung develop?
introversion and extroversion
which of the personality theories views the adaptive view of personality in terms of the Big 5?