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How is the Bible a love letter from God?
expression of God's boundless love for us, and his longing for our happiness
How is the Bible the word of God?
The Bible is not only a human account- it is the word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, whose ultimate source is God.
What are the two sections of the Bible?
The Old Testament (First Testament, Hebrew Scriptures) and the New Testament (Second Testament, Christian Scriptures); Testament means covenant, covenant means promise.
What are the seven points in the Story of God's love?
1) God created the world and humankind out of infinite love.
2) God offered hope and a promise of salvation when human beings rejected that love.
3) God molded and fashioned the people, the Israelites, through the ups and downs of their history. God offerend liberation, challenged them, consoled them, took them back when they strayed, and saved them from trouble. THe people looked to a day when God's Reign of justice and peace would fill the whole world.
5) God sent Jesus as the human expression of God's love and fulfillment of God's promises.
6) By his life, death, and Resurrection, Jesus brought salvation to all the world.
7) Holy Spirit is sent by God to nourish, sustain, and renew the followers of Christ, who carry on his work and message until the end of time. In the end Jesus will return in flory as Lord of all, and God's Reign will be complete.
Why do we need the Old Testament?
The New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. We cannot understand the NT without first understanding the OT.
How is the Bible divine inspiration?
God made sure it contained all the truth that is necessary for salvation. It is religious truth- not hte same as historical accuracy or scientific explanation. God worked through humans who were subject to the cultural and intellectual limitations of their eras.
What kind of literary forms were used in the Bible?
myths and legends, royal court histories, letters, poems, songs, genealogies, sermons, liturgical instructions, laws, accounts of visions, and oral stories.
How long did the Old and New Testaments take to write?
OT took 1,000 years; NT took 50 years.
Why do we need to study the Bible?
We may not understand the circumstances in which it was written, or the intended meaning. Studying unlocks the true meaning. We also study to gain salvation and better our relationship with God.
What is Scripture Scholarship?
These scholars translate the Bible into modern language, and they try to understand what the authors meant. Even though they may disagree, they help with our understanding.
What is Tradition?
Church's doctrines, teachings, and worship, which guides us to understand scriptures; also inspired by God and God's Revelation.
What is the Magisterium?
The official teaching authority, with the pope and all the Bishops, who are guided by the Holy Spirit; they interpret SCripture and Tradition, make sure its preserved, passed on, and understood.