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The Big Five
Warner Brothers, Loew's, MGM, Fox, RKO
The Little 3
Columbia, United Artists, Universal
the division of the film industry concerned with the public screening of a film
Division of the film industry concentrating on the marketing of film, connecting the producer with the exhibitor by leasing films from the former and renting them to the latter.
Division of the film industry concentrating on the making of film
Edison's first movie camera.
first projector that allowed multiple people to view the same movie at once
a five cents admission movie house in the early 1900's
patent pool
an association of companies, operating collectively in the marketplace by pooling the patents held by each individual company.
The Motion Picture Patents Company - edison and Biograph's patent pool that controlled the facets of projection and camera technology
vertical integration
When a company is organized so that it oversees a product from the planning/development stage, through production, through market distribution, through to the end user - the retail consumer. In the case of the film industry, this translates to a company controlling the production, marketing, and exhibition of its films.
a group of companies operating together to control the market for a commodity. this is illegal practice in the USA.
Improtant movie theatres would show films immediately upon their theatrical release. (their first run). Smaller theatres would show subsequent screenings.
where a state of limited competition exists between a small group of producers or sellers
consent decree
a court order made with the consent of both parties - the defendant and the plaintiff - which puts to rest the lawsuit brought against the former by the latter.
free publicity
free coverage of subjects which the media feel are newsworthy
paid advertising
promotion on TV, radio, billboards, and printed media
mutually beneficial promotional liaisons between films and other consumer products and/or personalities
where manufacturers pay a film company to use a film title or image on their products
a highly prblematic term, meaning different things in different situations. Here, the term simply implies a production realized outside one of the majors. Here, the term does not imply a production context outside the mainstream institutional framework altogether, nor does it imply a film produced in an alternative aesthetic format to 'classic Hollywood.'