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What is rotation symmetry of a 3 dimensional figure?
It is if the figure can be turned around a line so it coincides with its original position two or more time during a complete turn.
What is axis of symmetry?
the line used in the rotation symmetry.
What is a vanishing point?
the point where tracks appear to meet.
What is the horizon line?
it contains the vanishing point(s) of a drawing.
What is a perspective drawing?
it is made on a 2 dimensional surface in such a way that 3 dimensional objects appear true to life.
What is a ray?
a point of a line that begins at one point.
What is a segment?
part of a line that begins at one endpoint and ends at another.
What is a angle?
its formed by 2 rays that have a common endpoint.
What is a vertex?
the endpoint of the angle.
What is a congruent figure?
Geometric figures that have exactly the same shape and size .
What is a similar figure?
has the same shap but not necessarily the same size
What is a scale drawing?
a 2 dimensional drawing that is similar to the object that is represents.
What is a scale?
(of a drawing)
the ratio of the size of the drawing to the actual size of the object.
What is a scale model?
a 3 dimensional figure whose surface are similar to the corresponding surfaces of the actual object
What is a coordinate?
the real number or numbers that correspond to the point.
What is lenght?(of a segment)
the distants between its endpoints.
What is a coordinate plane?
its formed by two number lines that intersect at their origins.
What is the x-axis?
the horizontal number line.
What is the y-axis?
the vertical number line.
What are quadrants?
the axes divide the coorrdinate plane into 4.
What is an ordered pair?
the pair of real numbersthat corresponds to a point.
What is an ordered triple?
the triple of real numbers that corresponds to apoint.
What are octants?
one of the eight regions into which a 3 dimensional coordinate system is divided by the x-y and z axes.
What is a midpoint?
(of a segment)
the point that divides the segment into two congruent segments.
What is a segment bisector?
any segment ,ray,line,or plane that intersects a segment at its midpoint.
What is a conditional statement?
a statement that can be written in (if then) form.
What is a hypothesis?
in a conditional statement that part that follow (if)
wha is a conlusion?
in a conditional statement, the part that follows (then)