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How paramedics function (independently)?
You must be able to function independently at an optimum level in a non structured, constantly changing evnironment.
Emergency Medical Services System
a comprehensive network of personnel, equipment, and resources established for the purpose of delivering aid and emergency medical care to the community
Medical Director
a physician who is legally responsible for all of the clinical and patient care aspects of an EMS system
Intervener Physician
a licesnsed physician, professionally unrelated to patients on scene, who attempts to assist EMS providers with patient care
the policies and procedures for all componets of an EMS systm
Four Ts of emergency care
Standing Orders
prequthorized treatment procedures; a type of treatmnet protocol
DOT's three learning domains
Cognitive - facts and info

Affective - assign emotions,values, and attitudes

Psychomotor - hands on skills
the process by which an agency or association grants recognition to an individual who has met its qualifications
the process by which a governmental agency grants permission to engage in a given occupation to an applicant who has attained the degree of competency required to ensure the publics protection
refers to the existence of a specialized body of knowledge or skills
the process of entering your name and essential information within a particular record, done in order for the state to verify the provider's initial certification and to monitor recertification
the process by which an agency grants automatic certification or licensure to an individual who ahs comparable certification or licensure from another agency
First Responder
role is to stablilize the patient until more advanced EMS personnel arrive, perform a general patient assessment and to provide emergency care such as bleeding conrol, spinal stabilization, and CPR
perform complex immobilization procedures, restrain patients, and drive and staff ambulances, assist in the administration of certain medications
advancer airway management, IV fluid therapy, certain other advanced skill
plaus advanced patient assessment, trauma management, pharmacology, cardiology, and other medical skills, ACLS, PALS, BTLS, PHTLS
refers to the conduct or qualities that characterize a proctitioner in a particular field or occupation
Rules of evidence
guidelines for permitting a new medication, process, or procedure to be used in EMS
Peer Review
an evaluation of the quality of emergency care administered by an individual, which is conducted by that indevidual's peers, an evaluation of articles submitted for publication
the rules or standards that govern the conduct of members of a particular group or profession
What role do paramedics play in research?
data collection, evaluation, and interpretation of research
Primary Care
basic health care provided at the patient's first contact with the health care system
What are the benefits of physical fitness?
decreased resting heart rate and BP, increased O2 carrying capacity, increased muscle mass and metabolism, and increased reistance to illness and injury