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What happens when a user logs on locally to a computer?
The security subsystem of that computer checks the information and gives an access token with security rights.
What are the four versions of the Windows 2000 platform?
W2k Professional
w2k Server
w2k Advanced Server
w2k Datacenter Server
How do you use the Windows Security Dialog Box? What are the options
CTRL+ALT+DEL ... Log off, Shutdown, Task Manager, Lock Computer, Change Password.
What are the enchancements to Win2k security?
Kerberos 5.
Encrypiting File System
Internet Protocol Security
Smart Card Support
A user logs on locally to the machine. Who gives the access token?
The local security subsystem &database
How many processors can W2k use?
A user logs into a Domain. Who givess the access token
The Domain controller
What are the features of W2k Professional?
High performance secure network client and corporate network operating system. Includes best features from Win98, while extending manageability, reliability, security and performance of Windows NT Workstation 4. Good desktop operating system for businesses of all sizes.
What are the options of the Windows Security Dialog Box?
Lock Computer
Log Off
Shut Down
Change Password
Task Manager
In a p2p or workgroup, how is the local security database handled?
Each computer has own local security database and the administration of user account and resource security in a workgroup is DECENTRALISED.
What type of network would you use if you ONLY had computers running w2k
a workgroup.
Name some features and benefits of W2k
Lower total cost of ownership.
Directory Services.
Performance, Scaleability.
Networking and Communications.
Internet Integration
Integrated administrative tools.
Hardware support.
What is the only way a user can change thier password?
CTRL+ALT+DEL and change password
Name non-power management support items for laptop or mobile users.
Network Connection Wizard.

Virtual Private Network Support.

Offline FOlders.

Synchrozation Manager.
What is an access token?
Given at logon, it is the users identification for that local computer and contains the users security settings.
What is a Windows 2000 workgrouP?.
a logical grouping of networked computers that share resources, like files and printers.
What is the name of the box that appears when you press CTR+ALT+DEL?
Security Dialog Box
What does the IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) do ?
Users can send documents to any printer on a W2k network that is connected to the Internet.
What are the options on the Log onto Windows dialog box? Name all 8 options and thier construction.
User Name dialog
Password dialog
Log onto drop down
Log on using dial up connection check box

OK button
CANCEL button
Shutdown button
OPTIONS button.
What are two enchanced troubleshooting tools in w2k?
Compatibility tool: Detects and wars the yuser about whether certain insalled applications or components will cause an upgrade to fail. Uses the /checkupgrade only switch during installation.

Troubleshooters: Simple help troubleshooting.
Because a domain has a directory located on a Domain controller, what type of administration do Domains have?
Does a workgroup (or a p2p netowrk) have a server?
Are local user accounts stored on the Domain Controllers?
No. The domain controllers do not maintain a local security database.
What are the features of W2k Advanced Server?
Just more features, you dont have to worry about it for this test.
What are the user interface enhancements in w2k?
Customized Start Menu.
Log on and Shut down dialog boxes (easier to use, more organized).
Task Scheduler enhancements.
Client Computers running wk2 professional can be described how?
Run the users desktop enviornment and allow the user to gain access to resources in the domain or workgroup
What is another name for a workgroup?
peer to peer network
Member servers running Windows 2000 Server. Explain the directory and use.
Does not store directory information and can not authenticate users. Member servers proviced shared resources like folders and printers.
is (ASMP) Asymetric Multiprocessing supported with Windows 2k?
What do you need to create a Windows 2k Domain?
A Windows 2k server product and Active Directory directory services installed on it.
What is ASMP?
Asymetric Multiprocessing
What information is provided in the Windows Security Dialog box?
User name (account).
domain if you are on one.
Logon date and time.
What is the purpose of the Win32 Driver Model (WDM)?
Drivers written to the WDM model will work under Windows 98 and Win2k alike.
Windows 2000 authenticates users in two possible ways. Name them.
Verifies them locally or identifies them when they log into the Domain.
What is API?
Application Programming Interface.
What are the authentication steps when a user logs in locally?
1) User logs in using user name and password, Windows forwards this information to the security subsystem OF THAT LOCAL COMPUTER.

2)Windows 2k compares the login information with the user inforrmation that is in the local security database.

3)If the information matches and the account is valid, w2k gives an access token for the user.
Because workgroups have decentralized administration and security, what results?
User must have account on EACH computer they want to gain access to.

Any changes to user accounts have to be done on EACH machine, like adding a new account or changing the password for a user.
What is the major difference between a workgroup and a domain?
workgroup - p2p, decentralized, small networks, no server.

domain- domain controller running directory services, centralized administration, good for large networks.
What are power enhancments for Mobile (laptop) Users in w2k?
APM (Advanced Power Management).

ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)
LOGGING IN: A user can log on locally to what?
a computer that is a member of a workgroup.

a computer that is a member of a domain, BUT NOT THE DOMAIN CONTROLLER. The user selects the computer name in the Log Onto box in the Enter Password dialog box.
What is "NOS"
Network Operating System
A domain does not refer to a location or specific type of network configuration. Explain
Can be on a lan, or could be scattered around the world and connected via ISDN, fiber, fram relay connections, etc.
What are the enchancements To hardware support in Win2k?
1) Add/Remove Hardware Wizard
2) Win32 Driver Model (WDM)
3) Plug and Play Support
4) Power options
What information must a user provide when he or she logs onto a computer?
User name and password, possibly domain.
What are the two types of networks that Windows 2000 supports?
Workgroups and Domains
What versions of Win2k can be Domain controllers?
w2k server
w2k datacenter
w2k advanced server
Directory Services are available in what versions of WIndows?
W2k Server, W2k advanced server, w2k datacenter.
What happens when you have multiple Domain controllers running Windows 2000 Server?
Each Domain controller has a copy of the directory. When a domain has multiple controllers, they periodically replicate their directory information.
How does win2k schedule processor use on a SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) system using two processors?
The same as a single processor, the threads that are ready to run and have the highest priorities run.
What are the benefits of a Windows 2000 Domain?
Centralized Administration

Single Logon Process for users to gain access to network resources.

Scalablity for creating large networks
What is IPSec ?
Internet Protocol Security
What are Active Directory services and what do they provide?
They contain directory information and Active directory services use this as the database section for security
What is processor affinity in reagard to Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP)?
a process or a thread can run on a selected processor. Instead of SMP assuming all the processors are equal and have same memory, and run threads or processes where available.
When a user makes a connection to another computer what happens in regard to access tokens?
The other computer will also give a new access token, and this is invisible to the user.
Image Color Management (ICM) does what?
helps ensure the colors you see on your monitor match those on your scanner and printer.
Where does the directory information reside in a Doman?
Computers that are configured as domain controllers.
What is APM?
Advanced Power Management
What version of Driect X does Windows2k support?
Direct X 7
Can a w2kpro and a w2k server be a workgroup.
Yes, as long as w2k server is not acting as a server
What are the features of W2k Server?
File, Print, Application, Web server, contains all features of W2k professional + server specific functions. Idea for small or medium size enterprise application deployments, web servers, workgroups and branch offices.
What is a Windows 2000 Domain?
Logical grouping of network computers that share a central directory database.
What is a directory database also reffered to as?
The directory, and this is the database portion of the Active Directory Services.
Whats new in printing support in W2k?
Internet Printing Protocol.

Add Printer Wizard

Image Color Enchancement (ICM) 2.
What is WDM?
Win32 Driver Model
What is Kerberos 5?
Supports single logon, fatster authentication, faster network response. Kerberos 5 is the primary security protocol for Domains in W2k.
How many inbound simulatenous connections can W2k handle?
What are the features of W2k Datacenter Server?
new product. most powerfull ever offered. Used for large data warehouses, large scale simulations in science and engineering. Dont worry, not covered on this test.
What advantages are there to a Windows 2000 workgroup?
No need for a server to hold centralized security information

Sinple to design and impliment

Convienant for less than 10 -computers in close proximity. A workfoup becomes impratical with more than 10 computers.
What is ACPI
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
What is EFS
Encrypiting File System
What is SMP?
Symmetric Multiprocessing
Win2k has done what with hardware support?
Improved it signifigantly over NT4.
What are the simplified configuration management improvements in w2k?
Add/Remove Programs Wizard has been improved with more info about programs (usage, last time of use)

Windows INstaller Service- Managed application installation, modification repairs or removal, and an API for managing applications and tools.
What are Volume Mount Points?
Allow you to connect, or mount, a local drive at any empty folder on a local NTFS formatted volume.
In a workgroup, what is a computer running Windows 2000 server called?
What are the enhancements of file management in Windows 2k?
Disk Defragmenter
Backup Utility
Volume Mount Points.
In a workgroup, what is a computer running Windows 2000 server called?
What does a directory database contain?
User accounts and security for the domain.
What is a domain controller?
a server that manager all security related aspects of user/domain interactions.