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he dynamic and organized set of characteristics possessed by a person that uniquely influences his or her cognitions, motivations, and behaviors
Psychological construct
a complex abstraction that encompasses the person's unique genetic background (cept Id twins) and learning history and the ways in which these factors influence his or her responses to various environments or situations
Empirical evidence
observations of phenomena made by investigators
Deductive theory
theories in which specific hypotheses are derived from abstract propostions and then tested by the collection of data
Conceptual definitions
precise concepts in a hypothesis; this allows for accurate measurement of results
Cognitive dissonance
painful motivational state created within a person when 2 or more thoughts, attitudes, or behaviors are mutually inconsistent
informing the study participants of the true nature and purpose of a study after it is completed
Correlational method
general procedure for establishing an association or relationship between events
Correlational coefficient
a numerical index of the size and direction of an association between 2 variables
Case study
the intensive study of a single person in order to understand his or her unique behavior
A priori predictions
predictions about the outcome of an investigation that are made before the data are collected
stat used to measure degree of correlation
Dependent varriables
changes in behavior that occur because of the manipulation of the conditions by the experimenter
Independent varriables
the varriables actively manipulated by the experimenter
post hoc
explanation of a phenomoenon given after its occurence
operational definitions
procedures or operations used to define particular constructs
general relational statements that may be true or false. not tested directly; instead, hypotheses are derived from them
relational statements
theoretical propostions or hypothesis that link or relate constructs