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what is a decubitus ulcer
bed sore,when pressure on a limited area inhibits circulation depriving cells of 02,erosion of bony prominence,hips,heel,sacrum,shoulder
where do you support a cast
at both joints
what do you do when a pt gown becomes soiled
change it immediatly to keep pt skin clean and dry
pt able to walk
act of rendering immovable
hinderance of an action
why do we immobilize
reduce exposure to pt
reduce exposure to tech
improve quality of image
what are some things we use to immobilize pt
velcro straps
sand bags
what do we not remove from pt without dr approval
cervical collers and splints
what are pediatric immobilization tools
pig o stat
tam em board
blankets sheets
def of homeostasis
constant state of internal balance
what are the 3 informed consents
simple-pt consent w/o knowledge of procedure..expressed-pt doesnt stop you..implied-in ER when no one able to consent..inadequate-pt not adeq informed to make decision(can bring charges of neglect)
what is a radiograph
legal document
unintentional tort
improperly marking films which could result in surgery on wrong body part..
what are the steps to a log roll transfer
4 people-1 head-1 feet-2 remaind ridgid..use sheet to turn pt..move whole body as 1 unit..very imp. when spinal exams
3 concepts of body alignment
base of support-feet
center of gravity-pelvis
line of gravity-midline of body
what are the 3 steps to perform an exam
devise a plan
carry out exam
what is on a req form
name,dob,ssn,exam requested,symptoms,med record #,date and time of exam,mode of transport,station,room 3
what is on a pt chart
confidential record
physicians orders
lab/rad reports
nursing notes
allergies/isolation on front
what should an rt practice while doing an exam
proper id-2 steps
compliance with safety rules
observations s/b carefully documented (incident report0
what are the 5 right to medical care
-considerate and respectful care
-to information
-informed consent
-refuse treatment/exam
what are the 5 stages of grief
anger-frustration of helplessness
bargaining-try to earn forgiveness
depression-reality sinks in
acceptance-b/c more realistic,live day by day
what is ethics
dealing w/what is good and bad with moral character
what is proffesional ethics
rule of conduct or standards by which a particular group regulates its actions and sets standards for its members
neglect or ommision of reasonable care or caution
is a pt chart a legal document
yes it can be supeonaded in court
pt believes they have been treatned in such a way that there is reason to fear/expect immediate bodily harm(threatning to repeat a painful exam if pt doesnt cooperate)
unintentional tort
marking film wrong,ommiting gonal shielding on female who later is pregnant,leaving unconsious pt alone to fall of cart,improperly positioning pt and proj doesnt include all anatomy
intentional tort
pt was immobilized against their will(false imprisonment)
what is a tort
a pt claim that he/she has been ronged or sufferd some injury other then a breach of contract for which they believe there is a cause for an action/damages
what % of neglegence cares are related to diagnostic imaging
maslows theory
-pysological-basic food,water,air,sleep,shelter-safety and security-a homr & means of support-love & belonginess-social acceptance-self esteem and from others-self actualization-growth and acceptance