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cómo te ha ido?
How have you been?
cómo te va?
How are you?
qué tal?
How are things?
de película
estar crudo/a
Hungover (Mexico, Central America)
estar de goma
Hungover (Central America)
tener resaca
Hungover (Argentina, Uruguay, Spain)
estar en la gloria
To be in seventh heaven/very happy or comfortable
(ser/estar) feliz como una lombriz
To be happy as a lark (happy as a worm)
la lana
Money (wool)
"This expression survives from the day when there was great money to be made raising sheep in Nueva España"
más o menos
Oye (tú)
Hey! Listen!
qué padre
How fantastic (Mexico)
Fantastic (Mexico)
qué me cuentas?
What's happening?
estar rendido/a
to be exhausted
creerse el/la muy muy
He/she thinks he/she's hot stuff
(ser) engreído/a
to be conceited/stuck up
hacer cola
To stand in line/wait in line/get in line
la cola
Line (after an animal's tail)
el fulano/fulana
Refers to someone you don't know or whose name you don't want to say in a conversation
no darle bola (a alguien)
To not pay attention to someone
hacerse mala sangre
(to have bad blood) Don't get upset
tener mala leche
To be grouchy/in a grouchy mood
(ser) mala leche
To be a difficult person
qué lío
What a mess!
to gossip
los trámites
bureaucratic procedures - filling out forms, standing in lines, etc.
las gestiones
procedures, negotiations
una gauchada
an immense favor (Argentina)
(ser) como uña y carne
close friends (the nail and the flesh under it)
qué te apetece?
What do you feel like having? (Spain)
qué te provoca?
What are you in the mood for? (Colombia)
to take a long time
hacer la vista gorda
to ignore someone, look straight past them
sudar la gota gorda
to sweat bullets, to sweat it out
meter la cuchara
to butt into someone else's business
por si las moscas
just in case
meter la pata
to mess up/put your foot in your mouth
el trasero
el traste
butt (Argentina)
como si nada
just like that, as if there were no problem
el/la funcionario/a
government worker