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Distancing yourself from your own society so you can see what it is that you do
Sociological imagination
What method did Durkheim use to study suicide?
Comparative method-official records from European countries
What were Durkheim's major findings on suicide?
Suicide rates varied by place; suicide rates varied by parenthood, marital status, and religion
Aspects of social life life that can’t be explained in terms of the biological or mental characteristics of an individual
Social facts
What are the 3 perspectives on social order?
structural functionalist, conflict, symbolic interactionist
Sees society as a system, the "big picture"
Structure of society and the nature of social relationships are the result of past and ongoing conflicts
Conflict theory
Consequences that are intended and recognized by the participants in a system
Manifest functions
Consequences that are neither intended nor recognized by the participants in a system
Latent functions
• Our experience of the world; meaning is not something that inheres in things; it is a property that derives from the interaction that takes place among people in the course of their daily lives
Constructed reality
Careful, systematic study of evidence; scientific method
Human behavior not like a chemical reaction; likelihood, probability
A definition developed by taking abstract concepts and putting them in a form that permits their measurement
Operational definition
The variable being influenced
Data in the form of numbers, analyzed using statistics