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What is operations management
production is the creation of goods and services, the customer determines value to themselves
Organizing to produce goods and services
marketing, production, finance
biggest part of the organization
Critical decisions
Process and capacity design
locations (tax incentives)
Layout design (it is easier to get to raw materials)
Human resources and job design (change and challenge our perception
Supply chain management
Inventory, material requirements planning, and JIT
Intermediate and short-term scheduling
Frederick Taylor
father of scientific management
efficiency methods
forecast probability of favors, father of tqm
The service sector constitutes what percentage of employment in the United States?
OM jobs constitute what percentage of all jobs?
The systematic processing of data to yield information is a part of
information sciences
Productivity increases when
inputs decrease while outputs remain the same
The capital investment each year in the United States usually
Productivity increases each year in the United States are the result of three factors
labor, capital, management
Which appears to provide the best opportunity for increases in productivity?
The person who introduced standardized, interchangeable parts was
Eli Whitney
Organizations that produce something other than physical products are called
service organizations
The person who developed plant-wide quality control systems was
W. Edwards Deming
When a tangible product is not included in the service, it is called
a pure service
In the early part of the 21st century, annual productivity growth in the U.S. has been
Increases in productivity are difficult to achieve if
the task is more intellectual and personal