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accepted view that new cells are produced from existing cells
cell theory
unifying theory of biology that identifies all living things as being made of cells
basic structural and functional units of all living organisms
compound light
light microscopes with atleast two sets of lenses
flourescence microscope
type of microscope that uses ultraviolet light to reveal particular compounds that have been stained with flourescent dyes
freeze fracture
technique in which tissue is rapidly frozen in liquid nitrogen then fractured for further treatment before microscopic examination
light microscope
instrument for viewing cells that uses visible light to illuminate and pass through a specimen and magnify the object by way of one or more glass lenses
enlargement of view of specimen
instrument used for viewing cells
in eukaryotic cells, membrane bound organelle containing the genetic material DNA
objective lenses
in a microscope the lower lens or lenses closest to the object that recieve light rays then invert and magnify the initial image and bring it into focus