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Where does most of the pressure arise from in sports participation?
What makes for a successful coach?
The ability to make timely, insightful, and informed decisions.
What is the primary purpose of athletic programs in schools?
To educate the participants.
Does sports guarantee moral values for the athletes?

No - Too much temptation involved with sports corrupt the athletes and those who are involved.
What is the challenge for coaches to make a sport successful to the athlete?
Providing experiences that are constructive and positive.
Name 3 out of 5 positive outcomes of sport participation.
1. Increase the physical and mental mastery of some aspect of the sport.
2. Set a goal and work towards it.
3. Coordinate one's own efforts with one's teammate.
4. Achieve and maintain the flexibility needed to respond to ever-changing situations.
5. Make quick and appropriate alterations in plans, strategies, and tactics.
Do the 5 positives in sport participation depend on winning?

No - The 5 objectives can be accomplished through participation, not necessarily winning.
The involvement in sports has the potential of limiting the participation in what 2 associations?
Gangs and the abuse and misuse of drugs.
What myth is ruled as a fiction with unsubstantiated evidence?
The dumb-jock myth.
What are the two biggest values taught through sports participation?
Hard work and teamwork.
Name 5 out of the 10 reasons why athletes play sports.
1. To have fun
2. To improve skills
3. To stay in shape.
4. To do something they are good at
5. For the excitement of competition
6. To get exercise
7. To play as part of a team
8. For the challenge of competition
9. To learn new skills
10. To win
Name 4 out of the 6 changes boys would make to get involved in a sport they had dropped.

"I would play again, if..."
1. Practices were more fun
2. I could play more
3. Coaches understood players
4. There was no conflict with studies
5. Coaches were better than teachers
6. There was no conflict with social life
Name 4 out of 6 changes girls would make to a sport that they dropped.

"I would play again, if..."
1. Practices were more fun
2. There was no conflict in studies
3. Coaches understood players
4. There was conflict with social life
5. I could play more
6. Coaches were better teachers
According to athletes, what are the 2 major problems with athletic participation?
1. Too much time is demanded of them
2. Too many unqualified coaches
Who benefits the most from sports?

Hint - Inner Cities