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who brought the plans for a spinning machine to the united states?
who bulit a textile mill in which spinning dyeing and weaving all took place in the same factory?
who bulit a stamboat called the Clerment?
what was different about the presidential election 1828?
they let white men voted even if they didn't own land
who was responsible for forcing the Cherokees of their land and onto the trail of tears?
what was the main idea of manfiest destiny?
the u.s. would strech from Atlantic to the Pacific
Where did the Mormons go to practice their religon so no one would bother them?
Great salt lake valley in utah
the u.s. bought ca and munch more land in the west after the war with?
who were the forty-niners?
people who went to California - most on the oregon trail,who were looking for gold
who belived schools should be supported by taxes and should be free and open to all children?
Horcae Mann
who wrote uncle tom's cabin?
harriet beecher stowe
abolitonists worked to do what?
to get rid of slavery