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pg 450
-Proof on page 450.
-Similar to Chebyshev's Theorem (see page 207).
Maximim Likelihood Method
Method od Moments
Sufficient Stat (Def)
Sufficiency: Factorization Criterion
What does "theta-hat n converges in probability to theta" mean?
"Theta-hat n is a CONSISTENT estimator for theta"
Suppose U has a distribution that converges on a standard normal distribution as n-->infinity. If W converges in probability to 1, then
U/W converges to standard normal.
Minimum Variance Unbiased Estimator
dis of sums of norms
Dist of norms sums proof
Distribution Function Method
Dist of SUM Zi square
Distribution of SUM of random Vars
MGF Method
Multivariate Transformation
Order Statistics proof MAX
Order Statistics Proof MIN
Order Statistics
Transformation Method