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chapman refex points for
1. cecum
2. sigmoid colon
3. hepatic flexure
4. splenic flexure
all are on the ANTERIOR aspect of the IT band (colon is relected over your waistline)
1. right greater trochanter
2. left greater trochanter
3. right lateral epicondyle (distal femur)
4. left lateral epicondyle (distal femur)
chapman refex points for
5. appendix (ant and post)
ant = tip of the right 12th rib
post = interspace between TP of T 11 and 12 on the RIGHT
chapman refex points for
6. fallopian tubes/ seminal vesicles
7. adrenals/HTN
8. bladder (ant only)
7. SP on T 11, and 2 inches superior and 1 inch lateral to umbilicus
8. periumbilically
chapman refex points for
9.heart and thyroid and bronchus and esophagus
9. ant = 2nd IC space between rib 2 and 3 near the sternum
post= interspace between t3 and t4 midway between TP and SP
chapman refex points for
10. kindeys
11. prostate
10. 1 inch lat3eral and 1 inch superior of umbilicus
11. posterior margin of IT band!
what kind of relex point is a Chapmans?
how do you treat it
volar distal pad of finger, circular motion in an attempt to flatten it out for 10-30 seconds
describe feel
small, round, smooth firm discretely palpable
11. hyperacidity chapmans point (anterior)

12. CP for sciatic nerve
L lateral stermun interspace between ribs 5 and 6

middle of the hamstring