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I would like...
Tu veux bien que...?
Is it OK with you if...?
Ca te de<range si...?
Do you mind if...?
Ca va pour cette fois.
OK, just this once.
Tu n'as pas le droit de...
You're not allowed to...
Il faut que tu...d'abord.
You have to...first.
arroser le jardin
to water the garden/yard
donner a> manger a>
to feed
enlever la neige
to shovel snow
faire la cuisine
to cook
faire la lessive
to do the laundry
faire son lit
to make one's bed
faire la poussie>re
to dust
faire le repassage
to do the ironing
laver les vitres
to wash the windows
mettre la table
to set the table
nettoyer le parquet
to clean the floor
nettoyer la salle de bains
to clean the bathroom
passer l'aspirateur
to vacuum
ramasser les feuilles
to rake leaves
sortir le chien
to take out the dog
tondre la pelouse
to mow the lawn
aider les personnes a<>ge<es
to help elderly people
conduire prudemment
to drive safely
dire la ve<rite<
to tell the truth
manger mieux
to eat better
partager tes affaires
to share your things
prendre tes propres de<cisions
to make up your own mind
respecter tes profs et tes parents
to respect your teachers and parents
Il faut que tu sois...
attentione<(e) responsable
poli(e) tole<rant(e)
You must be...
considerate responsible
polite tolerant
careful, aware