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Storage Medium
The physical material on which a computer keeps data, instructions, and infromation. Examples. CD's, DVD's, tape, PC Cards, Flash Memory cards, USB flash drives, and microfilm.
The number of bytes a storage medium can hold.
Storage Device
the computer hardware that records and or retrieves items to and form storage media.
The process of transfering data, instructions, and infromation from memory to a storage medium.
The process of transfering data, instructions and informations from a storage meduim into memory.
Access time
The speed of storage devics and memory. Measures the amount of time it takes a storage decive to locate an item on a storage medium, and the time required to deliver an item from memory to the processor.
Magnetic Disks
Disks that use magnetic particles to store data, instructions, and information on a disk's surface.
The process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors, so the operating system can locate and store data and infromation on the disk.