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removal of weapons
one without armed forces
court-marital court
trial by military court
what is the Convention of 1818?
The second agreement wit GB that set the official boundaries between Canada and the US.
Who was Andrew Jackson?
The general that invaded the Spanish East Florida.
What was the Adams-Onis Treaty
Spain gave East Florida to the US snf abanded all claims to the West Florida. In returnUS gave up its clais to Spanish Texas and took over responibility for paying 5 mill. that American citizens said Spain owed them.
What was the MOnroe Doctrine?
a document that
Who and what happened to Hidalgo?
Wanted free equality and redistrubition of lof land. REbelled aginsts the Spainsh, prist,excuted.
Who is SImon Bolivar?
"the Libirator", led the movement that won freedom for the presedntday countries Ven, Col....
Who was Jose do San Martin?
acheved independance for Chilie and Peru