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** Define Review and Control
BCO 40-1&2
Every court above the session is to review the records of the court next below in the areas of:
1. Correct recording.
2. Regular and in accordance with the constitution.
3. Suited to promote the welfare of the Church.
4. Lawful junctions of the high court have been obeyed.
** Define "Reference"
BCO 41-1
A formal request (written representation and application) for advice from a lower court to a higher court.
** Define "Appeal"
BCO 42-1
A transfer to a higher court of a judicial case which has been ruled on by a lower court.
** How Quickly Must An Appeal Be Filed?
BCO 42-4
Within 30 days following the meeting of the court
** Define "Complaint"
BCO 43-1
A written representation made against some act or decision of a court of the Church
** How quickly must a complaint be filed
BCO 43-2
Within 30 days of the meeting of the court.
** What Should Happen When A Member Moves Out Of The Community?
BCO 46-1
it shall
be his duty to transfer his membership by presenting a certificate of dismission from the Session of
the church of which he is a member to the church with which he wishes to unite. When the church of
which he is a member has no Session, or for other good reasons it seems impossible for the member
to secure a certificate of dismission, he may be received by the Session upon other satisfactory
testimonials, in which case the church of which he was a member shall be duly notified.
** What should be done when a member neglects the church a year or more?
BCO 46-2
They shall be notified, if possible, both in person and in writing of their covenant obligations and that if they persist they will be removed from the rolls.