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** How is a man called to office in the church
An individual responds to the inward testimony of a good conscience as a calling of the Spirit.

The church-declaring it believes the man is called and it wants him to serve.

A court of the church agrees and is satisfied that he is qualified.

A call to a church office is based on being elected by the congregation - BCO 16-2.
** What is a candidate?
BCO 18-1
A member of the Church in full communion who, believing himself to be called to preach the Gospel, submits himself to the care and guidance of the Presbytery in his course of study and of practical training to prepare himself for this office.
** What Is Required To Become A Candidate?
BCO 18-2
Session endorsement
Member at least six months
File with clerk at least one month before presbytery meeting-
** What is a licentiate?
BCO 19-1
A licentiate is a person examined and permitted to preach within the pulpits of the PCA with the authority of the presbytery of the jurisdiction where he will preach.
** In what areas is a prospective licentiate examined?
BCO 19-2
Christian experience and inward call.

Written & oral: Theology (Westminster Standards), English Bible, and Book of Church Order .

Provide written sermon and deliver it before Presbytery
** What is Internship?
BCO 19-7

Candidates undergo a trial in regard to the use of gifts and ability to serve as a teaching elder.

The nature of the internship is determined by the presbytery and lasts one year

An internship should involve the candidate in the full scope of duties of any regular ministerial calling.
** What Steps must a church take in calling a pastor?
BCO 20-2 start up to election
1. session calls a cong. meeting to elect a pulpit committee (may be comprised of session, or cong. at large)
2. pulpit committee after consultation & deliberation recommends a pastoral candidate to cong.
3. session orders cong. meeting (at regular place of worship) posting date time and place at least one week prior to time. This meeting must be called fro the election of the pastor

BCO 20-3 The electing meeting
4. meeting should be presided by a current PCA minister unless impracticable (then any male member of church)
5. session appoints one of its own to call meeting to order until the cong. elects their presiding officer.
6. Only members in good standing entitled to vote.
** In What Areas Must A Candidate For Ordination Be Examined?
BCO 21-4

Experiential religion
Knowledge of Greek & Hebrew
English Bible
Church history
History of the PCA
Government and Discipline
Paper on a Theological subject
Paper on Exegesis (Greek & Hebrew)
Preach a sermon
** What Vows Must a candidate seeking license take?
BCO 21-5
Commitment to the inerrant, infallible Bible.
Submission to the Confession and Catechisms.
Submission to the form of Church government.
Submission to your brethren.
Perceive yourself called of God.
Promise to maintain the truth of the Gospel and the purity and peace of the church.
Promise to fully exercise your duties.
Willing to take charge of the church.

For an assistant minister only questions 1- 7 shall be used.
** Who Has The Final Say In Establishing Or Dissolving A Pastoral Relationship?
The presbytery
** How may a pastoral relation be dissolved?
BCO 23-1
A pastoral relation is dissolved when a presbytery accepts the resignation of a minister after a congregational meeting has been called and conducted, and its commissioners then appear before the presbytery to show cause why the presbytery should or should not accept the resignation of the pastor.

1. Pastor initiate:
• Seeks new pastorate-BCO 23-1
• Determines he is not called-BCO 38-3
• Convinced he is not able to serve the church-BCO 38-3
• Retires-BCO23-2

2. Individual (usually a member) initiated: Unacknowledged but probable guilt.-BCO 34-3

3. Session Initiated:
• Dissatisfaction, unrelated to discipline-BCO 23-1
• Strong presumption of guilt-BCO 31-4,34-4

4. Presbytery Initiated:
• Due process for accusation(s) made against the minister-BCO 34-4,6,7,8,9
• Inquiry into apparent failure properly to attend to his duties-BCO 34-10
** What is the difference between an Associate Pastor and an Assistant Pastor?
BCO 22-2 The associate pastor is called by the congregation and as such beco-mes a member of the Session and his pastoral relation is determined by the congregation.

BCO 22-3 The assistant pastor is called by the Session and his pastoral relation to the church is determined by them.
** What Steps Must Be Followed In Electing Ruling Elders Or Deacons?
BCO 24
1. public notice 1 month prior to time of election, during which cong. submits names to the Session.
2. Names submitted should be male and meet 1 Tim3 and Titus 1
3. After close of nominations, examinations:
4. If there are eligible candidates, Session reports to cong. giving at least 30 days for time place of cong. meeting for election
5. Session recommend cong. determine the number of officers to be elected.
6. Majority vote of those present needed for election
7. Moderator asks cong. if it is ready to proceed to voting by private ballot
** In what areas is a (elder/deacon) nominee to be examined?
BCO 24-1
1. Christian experience (especially personal character).
2. Knowledge of doctrine, Church government, discipline contained in the Constitution of the PCA (BCO preface iii)
3. Duties of office to which he is nominated.
4. Willingness to give assent to the question required for ordination.