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Who is the head of the Church?
Christ Jesus is the King and Head of the Church
How does Christ exercise his authority in the Church?
He rules and teaches the Church through His Word and Spirit

mediately through the ministry of officers (who are subject to the Word and Spirit).

unto the edification and establishment of His kingdom.
List at two key principles of Presbyterian church government
1. God alone is the Lord of the conscience (no church judiciary may make laws that bind the conscience).

2. All church power is only ministerial and declarative (not magisterial or legislative) since the Word is the only rule of faith and practice.

3. ecclesiastical discipline is purely moral / spiritual in its object and does not derive its force from the power of the sword.
What is the Constitution of the PCA?
2. BCO (form of gov. rules of discipline, directory of worship)

all the above are subject to, subordinate to the Scriptures of the OT and NT.
What are the five heads of the scriptural form of Church Government?
BCO 1.1
(representative or Presbyterian)
The Church
Its Members
Its Officers
Its Courts
Its Orders