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utilities offered by retailing
time, place, possession, form utility(financing option or alterations on clothes)
global econoic impact or retailing
-3 of the largest US business are retailers
-imporatance in global-companies she listed
3 ways outlets can be classified
1.form of ownership
2.level of service
3.merchandise line
3 forms of ownership
1.independent retailer-convenience, high level of service
2.corporate chain retailer-multiple outlets under common ownership
3.contractual system retailer-bunch of independent retailers act like corporate chain
3 types of contractual system retailers
1.retailer sponsored cooperative
2.wholesaler " "
level of service
merchandise line
-depth of line (specialty retailers)
-category killers(cc or best buy bc lots of products with few brands)
-breadth or line(general merchandise retailer)
-scrambled merchandising(intertype competition)
-supercenters(general merch + supermarket)
-hypermarket-really big supercenter
non-store retailing
occurs outside a retail outlet through activities that involve varying levels of customer and retailer involvement
1.vending machines mail
4.TV shopping
5.telemarketing selling
significant issues w/ retail strategy
-retail image and atmosphere
-multichannel retailer(combining store w/ nonstore like online)
impact of technology cards
2.VMI(vindor managed inventory)
3.RF ID radio frequency ID
all activities in selling, renting, and providing g and s to ultimate customers
depth of product line
store carries large assortment of each item such as a shoe store
breadth of product
variety of different items like appliances and cd's
scrambled merchandisign
offering several unrelated product lines in a single store is common
intertype competition
local bakery may compete with department store
multi channel retailers
utiilize and integrate a combo of traditional store formats and nonstore formats like catalogs
multi channel retailers
utiilize and integrate a combo of traditional store formats and nonstore formats like catalogs