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electron configuration
the arrangement of electrons in an atom, is known as the atoms_____
ground state electron configuration
The lowest energy arrangement of the electrons for each element is ______
Electrons are added to orbitals one by one according to 3 basic rules...

1st?(Aufbau principle)
1) shows order in which electrons occupy orbitals
a. an electron occupies the lowest-energy orbital that can recieve it
2nd basic rule of electron configuration?

What do the arrows mean?
reflects the importance of the spin quantum number
Pauli exclusion principle- no two electrons of the same atom can have the same set of four quantum #'s

- an orbital can hold 2 electrons of OPPOSITE spin
~ each arrow represents one of the atom's 2 electrons
* the direction of the arrow indicates the electrons spin
Pauli exclusion principle
3rd rule of elec. config.?
-requires placing unpaired electrons in seperate orbitals in the same sublevel = electron-electron repulsion is minimized so electron arrangements have the lowest energy level possible
Hunds rule
Hunds rule
- orbitals of equal energy are each occupied by one electron before any orbital is occupied by a second electron

-all electrons in singley ocupied orbitals must have the same spin
orbital notation
an unoccupied orbital is represented by a line w/ the orbital's name written underneath the line

Ex) H/He
name of orbital= H & He-1s
above line= H-one up arrow/
He- 1 up arrow ,1 down arrow
Electron-Configuration notation
# of electrons in sublevel is ahown by adding a subscript

ex) He-1s^2
inner shell electrons
electrons that are not in the highest occupied energy level
noble gas configuration
an outer main energy level fully occupied, in most cases, by 8 electrons
fifth period elements differ from elements 1st 4 periods?

start w/ "5s" orbital rather than the "4s"
-succesive electrons are added

-b/c 4f and 5d orbitals are so close in energy, deviations of the simple rule of elec. config. occur
18 elements per period