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causes of war
George washington's unsuccessful expedition into westren pennsylvania was the first minor battle of a war that lasted until 1763.
French and indian war
was a war between that british and that french
Rivalry between britain and france
this was because they both wanted the north american land
The albany plan of union
called for a grand council would be a president general. so it would help stop him at fort necessity
albany plan of union,
it called for a grand council of delegates from each colony, elected by their colonial legislature.
early british defeats
this is becuase they fought in the woods and attaced when they were not ready for them
armed citizens who seve as soliers during an emergency.
the british win the war
they raised taxes so they could win the war.
prime minister
the highest official of a parliamentary government
the tie of war turns
they were better prepared and better funded
the fall of quebec
he sieged the city untill they surrendered.
the treaty of paris
to stop the war between them for a long time
treaty of paris
ended the french and indian war in america and the seven years war in europe.
weakended loyalty to britain
they wanted the americans to pay for some of the war and they said that you did not do vary good in your tactics.