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what do you begin with when you make RNA?
what regulates RNA transcription?
repressors- slow down or prevent transcription
what is polymerase I used on?
pre-ribosomal RNA
what is polymerase II used on?
mRNA's and some specialized RNA's
many factors involved with
what is polymerase III used on?
tRNAs ans some small specialized RNA'
which two drugs are intercalators and inhibit polymerase activity?
Actinomycin D adn Acridine
which dru inhibits polymerase activity for M. tuberculosis?
what is intercalation?
insert themselves in DNA helix and remains bounds, therefore prevents transcription
what is human tumor suppressor protein p53?
it is a transcription factor that inhibits the transcription of some genes, while promoting others, mutations alter these activities and becomes a problem, results may be unregulated cell growth: carcinogenesis
3 steps of mrna processing?
5' cap, poly A tail 3' end, splicing (self-group I and group II introns or nonself-spliceosomes involving ribonucleoprotein snRNP's and tRNAs requires endonuclease)
steps of rRNA processing?
methylation and cleavage
steps of tRNA processing?
piece of 5' end is cut out, piece of 3' end is cut out, CCA addition at 3' end, modify bases
what are ribozymes?
RNA enzymes involved in RNA metabolism
what is the average half-life of rna in vertebrates?
3 hrs