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Signmund Freud
sexual focus
Erik Erikson
8 stages of life, must complete 1 phase before starting another
Jean Piaget
cognitive development, children, 3 periods
Lawrence Kohlberg
moral development, physchosocial development
Abraham Maslow
hierarchy of needs
Carol Gilligan
male and female differences, relationships
1st trimester
implantation occurs
2nd trimester
organs develop, detect fetal movement
3rd trimester
fetus grows rapidly, lungs finish
first 28 days of life
first 12 months
monumental movement for 3 month old
monumental movement for 6 months old
roll over
monumental movement for first year
walking, talking
12 to 36 months
Monumental stage for 18 months old
parallel play
Monumental stage for 2 years old
complete short sentences
Preschool child
3-5 years
School age child
6-12 years
10-12 years old
13-18 years
Middle aged adult
Young adult
Older adult
older than 65
-permission to discuss sexuality issues
-limited information related to sexual health problems being experienced
-specific suggestions... only when nurse is clear about the problem
-intensive therapy... referral to professional with advanced training if necessary
Reticular activating system (causes wakefulness)
Bulbar synchronizing region (causes sleep)
lasts 10-30 min
Neonate sleep requirements
16/hrs a day
Infant sleep requirements
9-11/hrs a day + multiple naps
Toddler sleep requirements
12 hrs/a day
Preschooler sleep requirements
12 hrs/night
School age sleep requirements
12 hrs/night
Teenagers sleep requirements
7 1/2 hrs/day
Young adult
6-8 1/2 hrs/day
a CNS dysfunction of mechanisms that regulate sleep and wake states
sleep disorders that produce undesirable physical symptoms... ex. tooth grinding
McCaffrey says
Pain is whatever the patient says it is
Gate theory
gate open= pain
gate closed= no pain
Substance P
helps conduct pain to the brain
Acute pain
Identifiable (will go away)
Chronic pain
cancer/disease (wont go away)
wong-baker pain scale
smile face pain scale
oucher pain scale
child faces 1-100
WHO ladder
1- non opioid plus adjuvant
2- opioid for moderate pain+non opioid+adjuvant
3-opiod for severe pain +non opioid+adjuvant
the 6 rights
Patient, medicine, dose, time, route, to refuse
Maslows hierarchy of needs
self actualization, esteem, love/belonging, safety, physiological