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for Harrison's short time in Presidential office,who sort of took over?
Webster(secratary of state) and Clay(senate member)
Who took Harrison's place after he died from pneumonia and why didn't the whigs really like him?
Tyler:he was agnst every major thing that they watned
As soon as Harrison got office, what did the whigs do to Van Buren's independent bank?
they got rid of it
What was the "Fiscal bank" and "Fiscal Corp."??
new bank of us,which tyler didn't pass, so they revised the corp, which still didn't
What were four ways that the Whigs showed their hatred of Tyler?
death threats,flu epidemic called "Tyler's grip",desired to impeach him,and his whole cabinet resigned 'cep Webster who was working w/ England
besides the Fiscal Bank, what other nationalistic thing did Tyler veto? why did he? How did Whigs convince him to sign a lower one?
the tarrif,cuz it gave out $ to states made from public land sales, and we didn't have that much $ to just be handing out. they reduced it to 32% of 1832 one and Tyler needed the $ to get outta depression
What were three reasons why the Americans didn't really like Britain in the nineteenth century?
past memories of Rev.,they were snobby,and wrote shit about US
What was the "third war w/ eng., and why did charles dickens complain during it?
we wrote bad about eachother.
he was mad that he couldn't make $$$ in US cuz we didn't give foreigners coprights
When Americans borrowed $$ from Britain what did they usually do?
denied paying it!
What was the Caroline raid?
were protests against it successful?
an American ship carrying supplies around the ny and canadian border on the Niagra Rvr was attacked on NY shore by Brit force,US blood on US soil!
What was candadian McLeod a part of and how did he get off the hook?
Caroline raid, Britain said it would be war if he was killed, and he got an allibi
What did Britain do in the Bahamas that scared southern planters?
they hosted slave refugees
Describe what created the Maine border dispute and where it occured.
britain wanted to build a road from halifax west to Quebec for when the river froze,but it went thru disputed land in Aroostook Valley
desribe the Aroostook War and the conclusions of it
what bonus did us get?
lumberjacks fought in the area, and when it started getting worse, brit sent diplomat, and the US go 7,000 mi and brit got less but what was needed to build road and the Caroline raid was settled
bonus was 6,500 mi of land and iron ore of MN!
Why did MX refuse to accept TX freedom, and what did the Texans have to do because of this?
they thought the land was theirs, but just in rebellion, so the texans had to keep army on duty.
What did MX say it'd be if US helped TX and what did their two small raids get TX to do?
they made allies w/ France, Holland, and Belgium
why did britain want TX to be independent from US?
they could control them nad make them go agnst yankees and many of these clasehs would allow Brit. to sneak in TX and challenge US and maybe inflame southern blacks, and they could also get away from US tarrifs, so it was free trade and it was a good place for brit to get cotton from
who takes credit for US getting TX and what did he do in congress to make sure the votes won?
he did joint resolution-just simple majority in both houses instead of 2/3 vote
why did it take so long: 9 yrs, for US to annex TX?
they invited foreigners that messed w/ US and threatened them to war
what four countries had priorly owned oregon country?
what claims did the british and the us have on the oregon country?
british had pop norht of colombia river and had the Hudson bay co.
americans had cap'n Gray find the colombia rvr,lewis and clark expedition,and missionaries in williamette rvr valley
what was the treaty of 1818 in the oregon country?
joint occupation of it between brit and us
why did british want to make a land settlement quick?
oregon fever rose the american pop. there to the point where british were worried that they better hurry up and maek their claim.
what part of oregon was disputed?
col. rvr, 49 degree parellel and the pac ocean line
who were the whig and democratic runners in the 1844 election? describe polk in 3 things.
Clay and Polk (just like jackson,speaker of house,gov of TN)
what were democrats thought about how much of oregon they wanted?
ALL or nothin!!
What did Clay try to do with his thoughts on the settlement of TX?
go both ways: wanted it, but wanted to wait a while for it
who won the 1844 election?
Polk a democrat!
how was the election of 1844 a huge mess?
many personalities and issues:oregon, tx,tarrifs,slaves,bank,internal improvement.
What did Tyler do 3 days before he left the white house?
signed the TX annexation.
what were polk's four main goals of his presidency?
1)lower tarrif(from 32% to 25% which brought much profit actually)
2)restore independent treasury'
3)get CA 4)get ALL oregon
did democrats care too much about oregon? what chunk of land did they really care about?
not too much, they really cared about TX
when polk first proposed the 49 degree mark to brit did they accept? why or why not?
nope because they thought the colombia was the st lawrence of the west
why did britain change their minds about the 49 degree line the second time around?
they realized colombia was not st lawrence, and they didn't want to risk costly war on a dumb hudson's bay co. anyways
Why was it hard to just buy ca from Mx?
we had bad relations w/ them and said that they owed us like $3 mill,the TX annexation war threat,questions of boundaries rio grande or nueces? and mx thot that tx was still theirs.
why did polk wanna hurry up and make a $25 mill proposal to mx for ca? who did he send?
rumors that britain was gonna take it. slidell
when polk sent forces to the disputed area in mx,what were his reasons for war? what did the cabinet want to wait for instead and did it work?
1)unpaid claims 2)slidell's rejection
they wanted to wait for mx to shoot 1st, and they did when they crossed the rio grande, so they shed "Us blood on Us soil"
Who said that polk provoked the war?
clay and the whigs
did polk really want war with mx? what was his plan?
he didn't so he planned on just fighting til he got what he wanted.
how did santa anna trick polk into reentering mx? was us successfull?
he said that he'd sell all of MX, but he really just got his defense ready

Kearny led troops down the Santa Fe trail to CA to a spot which was already won by whom and what was it called?
fremont and naval officers
called the CA Bear Flag Republic *Hollister!!
Who won many victories and was known as the "Hero of Buena Vista?"
Zach Taylor
who went from vera cruz to mx city and beat mx even w/ many disadvantages?
gen winfield scott
what were gen winfield scott's disadvantages in the battle at mx city?
how good was he?
low # troops,old expired lists,outnumbered,mts,disease,political lashing from north
since polk wanted to end the war, who did he send w/ winfield scott to mx city and what did they do behind his back? what did polk do to trist?
chief clerk of state dpt. Trist. they made armistice w/ santa anna for $10,000
polk called Trist back, but he wouldn't and signed treaty of guadalupe hidalgo instead
what was the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo?
who hated this treaty, but why was it good that we didn't get all of mx?
us got TX and western oregon and ocean around CA about 1/2 of mx! for $15 mill and erased our damage claims on mx.
ppl who wanted all of it,but it's good since we'd of had a policing problem
why did the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo had to be rushed?
whigs in office were threatening to take army supplies
What three military things got better from MX war?
military academy at WEst point,navy academy at annapolis,and marine corps
what changed about other countries views on US military after the MX war?
they respected it more
How did the Mx war stimulate the slavery controversy?
the north said it was a war for slavery since most of the war volunteers were from the south
Polk offered $2mill to buy peace between the n and s over MX, and what was the "Wilmot Proviso?" did it pass?
no slavery in MX-won land but it didn't pass the senate, even though all cept one free states supported it.