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in the 1800s, what was america's biggest export?
what did south think brit would do if civil war broke out?
side with them so they could have cotton
were the majority of southerners large plantation owners or small farmers?
what did rich plant. owners feel the need to do and to what extent were they involved in politics?
serve the public very involved had higher # of statesmen than North
what were two bad minor things that rich planters caused?
seperated rich and poor and hurt tax-supported schools
what type of book did Sir Walter Scott write and what did this make southerners believe?
a "rich people" book, and south felt like they needed to act that way and have that cash
In what ways did the cottoncracy create economic instability for the nation?
ppo often overspeculated on land and slaves and economy became too dependent on one crop
How did southerners feel about the Yankees and why?
they loathed them, because they felt like they were "slaves" to northern industry
How did the cottoncracy hurt the state of immigration to the south?
hard labor, high cost of southern land, and Europeans didn't even know how to plant cotton!
Describe how the backcountry and highlands were different in the south compared to the rest of it?
no slave owners and the ppl raised corn and hogs to live and they lived isolated
Who was the lowest class of whites in the south? describe them (in terms of laziness/sickness) and why they wanted slavery to persist?
they were the hillbillies!!! they weren't really lazy, just sick and malnourished. they wanted slaves so at least they'd have somebody they were superior to
Describe the Mountain whites in the Appalachian mts in W. VA to North GA and AL in terms of civilization and the Civil War.
thye didn't own any slaves,lived isodated,barely civilized,and helped the Union in Civil War as an important southern support
around how many free blacks were in the south freed from the revolution, and where were most of the mullatoes?
250,000 deep south
how did some slaves get their freedom and what did they do once they got out? Where did the most go and why didn't whites like it?
some paid for it w/ extra hrs and they often times bought land,esp. in New Orleans, it was a bad example to their slaves
what were some challenges that freed blacks faced? (3 things)
weren't allowed to have some jobs,couldn't testify agnst a white in court, and there was the risk of being forced back into slavery
what were some hardships of the slaves in the north?
what immigrant group esp hated them and why?
some states forbid them to enter,couldn't vote,no schools,Irish immigrants hated them cuz they were competition
What were the differences in the south and north in their views of freed blacks? (the individual and the race as a whole)
North: hated individual black but not the race
South: hated whole race, but some liked individuals
Even though imported slaves were illegal, what did ppl do and what was the punishment? who was the one guy who recieved it?
smuggled and it's death:Gordon died!!
In what part of the south were about half the slaves located?
dirrrty south
Was slave breeding promoted, or was it considered good?
not promoted, but something to be happy about
Were mullatoes usually freed or kept as slaves?
kept slaves
How did the southerners romanticize the slaves?
said they were "singin',dancin' "darkies"
What were the only 2 things that a slave had protection from? What did a few states prohibit?
murder and cruel punishment
the seperation of families but it was hard to control!
Why did planters try to avoid whipping slaves too much?
scars lowered value.
what states were considered the "black belt" of the cottoncracy?
SC,GA south west AL Miss. Louis.
In the areas where slaves were more than 75% of pop., what was unique about families? where was this more common?
they usually stayed togeter and were pretty stable and avoided intermarriage w/ cousins
small farms
How did slaves emphasize their culture in Christianity?
they cared most about the parts applying to them(moses) sang spirituals,and used "responsorial" style of preaching (AMEN AND HALLELUJA!!)
What did Gabriel lead in 1800 in VA?
slave runaways
What did Vesey lead in Charleston VA?
slave rebellion
What did Nat Turner do in VA?
led a blood churning revolt killing mostly women and kids
Where did some abolitionists want to send Africans once they freed them? Did most slaves want to? why or why not? what Pres approved?
to Liberia in Africa, most slaves didn't want to, because they had grown accustomed to American ways since many were native there
What two things (one in Brit and one here) revved up the abolitionist cause in the 1830s?
Britain's emancipation of their slaves in the West Indies and the Second Great Awakening
What did Dwight Weld do,how'd he get the $ for it and where did he reach?
he got $ from Tappan bros in NY and preached antislavery all the way to Lane Theological Society in Cincinatti,OH
who were the members of the impressive Beecher family and what did the son do?
Lyman Beecher:reformer
Cathy Beecher:reformer
Harriet:Uncle tom's cabin
Henry:preacher/abolitionist who ran a debate on slavery and got expelled
What did William Lloyd Garrison contribute to the abolitionist cause, what trouble did this get him in, and was he radical or not radical on the idea? what was he looked down on for and what crazy thing did he do to get himself criticized?
he wrote newspaper the Liberator,which got him charged for terrorism since it was published the same time of Nat Turner's revolt and he was definetely a radical.
he seemed more into himself than the movement and dissed the south and burnt copy of Constitution saying it what an agreement w/ Hell
What did Wendell Phillips refrain from to help the abolitionist cause?
didn't eat cane sugar or wear cotton
who wrote Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World?
black abolitionist David Walker
What did Sojourner Truth do to help with the abolitionist and women's movement?`
fought for black freedom and women's rights she was a freed slave
What did Martin Delaney want for the slaves that was unique?
he wanted to go to Liberia and actually went there to find a good spot in the Niger Valley
What did Frederick Douglas do, and to what extent was he part of the movement?
How did he believe that slavery should end?
he wrote an autobiography and lectured widely even though ridiculed, and he was supposed the leading man
with politics
Who were the parties that unraveled one after another that wanted politics and war to end slavery?
Liberty Party in '40,Free Soil in '48 and Republic in '50
When did abolitionists totally dissappear from below the Mason Dixon line(s.boundary of Penn.)? what did the s. tighten?
after VA legislature crushed freedom proposal in '31 and '32 they tightened their slave codes
How did whites try to say slavery was good?
supported by Bible and wisdom of ARistotle,got blacks out of barbaric africa and Christianized. said they were like family with their slaves(true many times)
How did south compare life of slaves to the life of the norhtern factory workers?
slaves worked in fresh air,not stuffy factories, slaves were taken care of when sick and old while workers were just shoved out on the streets
What was the Gag Resolution, and what former Pres argued it until it was repealed 8 yrs later?
it said that abolitionist petitions had to be tabled w/out debate and Quincy Adams argued it
what did southern gov order postmaster to do when abolitionist mail came and what would happen if they didn't? where did a mob burn a whole bunch of northern mail?
they had to destroy it and they'd get arrested if they didn't.
in charleson,VA
Were abolitionists popular in the north? why or why not?
nope, cuz the constitution made them regard clauses on slavery as a bargain and they had economic stake in the labor, and in the '50s,south owed norht bankers $3million(if they split, they could kiss it goodbye!)
If slavery discontinued, how would it harm the north?
no cotton for cloth and unemployment!
Why did mobs form in the north and name some specific ones. (3)
they were agnst abolitionists
1)gang destroyed Tappan's house
2)Garrison was dragged thru Boston
3)Rev.Lovejoy had his printing press destroyed and he was killed by a mob
how fast did north want to get rid of slavery?
not rite away,but they were against pushing it west