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WHich leaders of the Whig party planned to dominate William Henry Harrison's presidency?
Daniel Webster-Harrison's secretary of state

Henry Clay-leader of the whigs in the sentate
Why did Tyler leave the democratic party?

Why did he resign from the senate?
he thought jackson was too dictorial

he didnt want ot take orders from Virginia legislature
Tylers critics accused him of...

Why was he put on Harrisons ticket to begin w/?
being a democrat in whig clothing

to attract Southern votes
why was Tyler hated so much by the whig party?
he opposed many of the whig policies (the whigs were pro-bank, tariff, and international improvement
what law did the Whig controlled congress pass?(signed by Tyler)

Tyler and the bank
-who pushed bank bill through congress
-Tyler's feelings on the bank bill
law to end the independent treasury

-Clay; w/out "finessing" Tyler
~congress tried to pass it again by calling it a "fisical corperation"
-he had always been anti bank and vetoed both bills
What did the Whigs nickname Tyler?

How did the whigs feel about tyler?
-"his accidency"

-expelled him from party
-House of Reps (controled by Whigs)looked for grounds to impeach him
-his cabinet (except sec of state Daniel Webster) resigned