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The loose-fitting sac around the heart is the...
The SA node relags impulses to the AV node that is responsible for the heart beat
False, The AV node Stimulates the SA node.
What is the path of blood from the vena cava to the lungs?
Right A tricupsid right ventricle semi lunar pulonary artery
Osmotic pressure forces molecules within the blood through capiullary walls?
What makes up the "Skeleten" of heart?
Fibrious connective Tissue
What 2 things might serve as a secondary pacemaker?
AV Node, Purkinjie Fibers
Which valves close when the ventricular walls contract?
Bi and tricupsids
Is ventricular fibrilation life-threatening?
Is the SA (sinoatrial) node self-exciting? (triggers itself to fire)
What is a bradycardia?
Slow Heartbeat
The P-Q interval is how long what takes
impulse to move from SA to ventricle muscle.
What causes the T wave?
polerization of ventricles
What causes the P wave?
Depolorization of atreal muscles
Blockage of a coronang artery causes a pain called _________ pectoris
The amount of capillaries in tissue depends on it's
rate of metabolism
What is Starlings Law?
Greater the length, the greater the force it contracts
Plasma proteins that remain in the blood capillaries help to maintain _____ pressure
What are the important facts about atrial nutriuretic factor?
A hormone released by muscles of heart stops release of Rech??? from kidney that stops aldosterone
When is blood pressure greatest in systemic arteries
Ventricular systol
What major vessel drains the face and scalp?
External Jugular
Which type of blood vessel serve as a blood reservoir?
Impulses caused by acetylcholine are _______ and cause the heart to _______
parasympathetic, slow down
What is the path of a cardiac impulse?
SA node > AV Node > AV Bundle > Pertinge Fibers
What are the branches of the aorta?
Right Coronary, brachoideplaphics, subclavian
Unsaturated fats will _____ the susceptibility to atherosclerosis
not increase