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The Era of Good Feelings and Jacksonian Republic brought on what changes in the nation?
-acceptance of political parties, new parties (Democrats v. Whigs), new forms of politicking (banners, parades, badges, etc.), way larger voter turnout
Who were the four candidates running in the 1824 election? Describe them, and why Clay (speaker of house) eliminated 2 in the House of Reps when noone won electoral vote?
John Quincy Adams- smart, experianced HE WON!.Henry Clay-American System, wanted internal fixes,didn't make it to house. Jackson-war hero, elim. cuz of rivalry w/ clay Crawford- able, but had a stroke
Describe the "Corrupt Bargain" of 1824 and who was the most angry and why??
Was it really corrupt?
Adams supposedly bribed Clay into choosing him to be Pres. by saying that he'd make Clay Secretary of State.
Jacksonians were, since jackson was the most popular, but didn't get enough electoral votes to get, Adams=honest Clay=good sec. of state
Describe John Quincy Adams.
sarcastic,mean,unpopular,demanded respect instead of getting popular,good secretary of state BAD pres.,wouldn't take out office holders that didn't support him his supporters were angry.,nationalistic,wanted roads/canals,nat'l univ.and observitory?(WASTE$$),agnst overspeculation west,fair w/indians
What happened w/ the Cherokees in GA??
Georgians wanted to get them out, but they brought it to Supreme Court and Adams said to be fair, but gov of GA got them out anyways
Describe Democratic-Republicans
followed Jackson,started campaigning EARLY,hickory as symbol,said that they had to get "dishonest" Adams outta office,described jackson as "just a plain, poor guy who farmed"(not true!),West and South,some of mid states and Old NW,WON THE 1828 ELECTION!
Describe National Republicans
followed QUincy ADams,oak tree symbol,called jackson's mother a whore,New England and NE,public roads/canals,etc
Describe "Old Hickory" or Jackson and his inauguration
had many diseases,orphan,bad grammar,big fighter,good leader and personality,was a judge in Congress,bad temper,1st Pres of West and at a party convention,2nd w/out college,rich,slaveholder,mansion in TN,inauguration was open to all common ppl
Describe the Spoils System and why it was so important?
Who started it and what was one bad thing about it?
when Pres, Jackson replaced old office holders w/ new ones of his own Democratic-Republicans imp:made parties loyal made ppl pick a party BAD=illiterates,imcompetents, and crooks got positions.(Swartwout stole 1 MILL!!)
Describe tarriffs and who supported them and who was against them
used to protect industry from other nations (Britain) cheaper goods, drove up prices support: mid states, New England Against:south