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What is a channel?
A component of an image where information about color is stored.
What is an Alpha channel?
A special 8-bit grayscale channel that stores information about masks/selections.
What is an 8-bit pixel?
A pixel that has 8 bits of data assigned to it.
How does Photoshop store a full-color image?
In channels of 8-bit pixels. 8 bits of data are assigned to each pixel so there are 256 brightness values from black to white in each color channel.
Name the channels in an RGB file.
Red, green, blue.
Name the channels in a CMYK file.
Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Each color represents a process-color printing ink.
What is bit depth?
The number of bits used to store a pixel's color information for display.
How many colors does an 8-bit image display?
How many colors does a 1-bit image display?
One (also called monochrome)
What is a mask in Photoshop?
A selection that isolates one area of the image from being changed while you changing another area. Anything outside the mask is protected from changes.
What is RGB and where does it come from?
Red, Green, Blue - the three colors of light that create all other colors on a computer screen.